Medium: The Sixth Season

Allison Dubois (played by Patricia Arquette) is married and a mother of three young girls. She lives in the suburbs and drives a Volvo. Everything seems fairly normal except for the fact that Allison can see the future in her dreams, sometimes see peoples' thoughts and communicate with the dead. This is where the normal ends. She uses her abilities to help the police solve crimes. In this season her and her entire family's lives are turned upside down when her psychic abilities are exposed.

Episode 1: Déjà vu all Over Again: Finally out of her coma, Allison begins to learn how to use her body again.

Episode 2: Who's That Girl: Allison begins to believe that a murdered stripper is possessing her daughter, Ariel (played by Sofia Vassilieva).

Episode 3: Pain Killer: Allison's friend who is suffering from cancer suddenly dies and Allison thinks a hospital employee is to blame.

Episode 4: The Medium is the Message: A serial killer begins to terrify the people of Phoenix.

Episode 5: Baby Fever: A baby in Allison and Joe's (played by Jake Weber) is kidnapped and she is so determined to find it that Joe begins to think she is obsessed.

Episode 6: Bite Me: Allison's dreams are parts of classic movies and she is waking up with bites and cuts all over her body.

Episode 7: New Terrain: After Allison's car gets damaged she rents an SUV, but finds it disturbing when the SUV's radio allows her to hear other's thoughts.

Episode 8: Once in a Lifetime: Ariel begins dating a boy and Allison begins to have visions that he might be involved in a murder.

Episode 9: The Future's So Bright: Allison has a disturbing dream about Joe's dad.

Episode 10: You Give Me Fever: Scanlon (played by David Cubitt) is ready to ask Lynn (played by Tina DiJoseph) to marry him but things don't go quite as he had planned.

Episode 11: An Everlasting Love: The police's prime suspect in a serial killer case dies and they still believe it was him but he contacts Allison and proceeds to convince her he is innocent.

Episode 12: Dear Dad…: Devalos (played by Miguel Sandoval) is haunted by his daughter's death on its anniversary.

Episode 13: Psych: Brigette (played by Maria Lark) begins to have feelings for a boy.

Episode 14: Will the Real Fred Rovick Please Stand Up?: Allison keeps seeing the face of one man on everyone and has to try and figure out what it means.

Episode 15: How to Beat a Bad Guy: Allison signs up for self-defense classes.

Episode 16: Allison Rolen Got Married: A flashback to Allison and Joe's wedding.

Episode 17: There Will Be Blood…Type A: Joe has a fight with his boss.

Episode 18: There Will Be Blood…Type B: Allison figures out that the girl she and her daughters have been dreaming about is a serial killer's next victim.

Episode 19: Sal: Ariel is communicating with a ghost who has the ability to get her into the college she wants.

Episode 20: Time Keeps on Slipping: Ariel loses years and has to figure out a way to get back to the present.

Episode 21: Dead Meat: Marie (played by Madison Carabello) gives Joe a special birthday gift.

Episode 22: It's a Wonderful Death: Allison's brain tumor returns.
Special Features: The Mind Behind Medium, The 100th Episode of Medium: A Celebration, Zombies on the Loose: The Making of "Bite Me", The Music of Medium, Non-Fat Double Medium

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