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What is Orcasound?

Orcasound.com is an online media news site, focusing on various aspects of Montreal city life. We offer regular review features, including Films, CDs, DVDs, Orcastyle and Plus sections. Orcasound Plus encompasses live music, interviews, exhibits, and anything else interesting and original that defies categorization.

We all like to make the most of our leisure time, and thus Orcasound’s primary purpose is to assist our readers in their quest for fun. So, dive in, enjoy, and most of all, participate in this unique and refreshing snapshot of what makes life in our cities so incredibly special.

Our printed publication is published and distributed quarterly to a wide range of merchants, companies and schools throughout Northeastern Canada and the United States. We estimate a readership of well over 250,000. Our online format is updated daily, and offers a glimpse of what’s fun in your city.


Special Features to keep our readers entertained & interested:

Prizes – Each month orcasound gives away a myriad of prizes, including movie passes, CDs and other goodies.

Film Reviews – Our film recommendations what’s worthwhile viewing in the theatres.

Music & Culture – Our music critic is on the trail of the hottest musical attractions and recordings. Get our thoughts on the latest CD releases.

orcadates – Read about our adventures in dating, and meet your match at one of our events.

DVD Reviews – Our film recommendations of what’s new on DVD

orcastyle – What’s trending in style, hairstyles, clothes, furniture and more

Survey Questions – Answer our weekly survey question and become part of the solution

Plus – Concerts, plays and exhibitions are reviewed and check out our interviews

And Much, Much More!

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