Reba McEntire

Wow! Let me say that again – Wow! I never thought I'd see the day when Reba McEntire would cover a Beyonce song. I know that Reba is plucky and all and that she has covered songs by the likes of Kelly Clarkson in the past. But this is Beyonce! Colour me surprised when I started listening and lo and behold I hear Miss McEntire singing "If I Were a Boy". (What were you expecting? "All the Single Ladies"?) It proved to me that there is still plenty of spunk in this red head. And it also made me think that a "Reba Covers Pop Smashes" album is not such a bad idea.

Besides this surprise, there is still plenty of what we've come to expect from Reba. The lady has a sound that has worked well for her over the years and she wisely sticks to it. This is her 34th studio album and Reba has been wildly successful with whatever she has chosen to do in her career and I don't expect it to change.

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