The Moment After

I'm beginning to think that there should be different categories of films for critics. And by that I mean categories that allow us to judge films against like films sorta like a Bell Curve for films. For instance, it would not be fair to judge this film against one with the money and acting pedigree of many Hollywood films. It just wouldn't be fair. There is no way you are going to like this film if you are judging against a film directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio. So I decided to go in with my expectations a little lowered. Even after all that I would have to say that this is a poor film.

It is a film that tries to get across a Christian message using the impending destruction of the Earth as the backdrop. I was thinking that this kind of story could work. And yet it didn't. My efforts towards fairness were all for naught.

The entire Earth is facing a crisis. Two F.B.I. agents, Agent Adam Riley (David A.R. White – The Moment After 2: The Awakening) and Agent Charles Baker (Kevin Downes – Mercy Streets), are given the assignment of looking into the unexpected disappearance of millions of people worldwide. Riley takes the assignment to heart while for Baker this is just another job.

Their investigation leads them to Jacob Krause (Brad Heller – appearances in episodes of Criminal Minds and Profiler), a man they don't know that much about other than it seems as if he is a member of a para-military organization. Krause believes there is a government conspiracy going on and he heads his group's efforts to uncover the truth. What they do discover is that the truth is stranger than fiction and that everyone involved will have their faith tested.

The film does have a strong Christian message and is a basic retelling of what some believe will happen (called The Rapture). I did have some eye rolling moments when the film started to allude to the belief that those who are bringing Christianity to the masses are being persecuted, but then I had to put things in perspective by remembering that the people behind the film are Evangelicals. Be warned!

For a lower budget film some of the visuals are interesting and well done. But this and some decent acting is not enough to save this formulaic film with its predictable ending. However, enough people must have liked the film as there is a The Moment After 2.

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