Debunking the Myths

As we all are aware men are from Mars and women are from Venus. So if we go from that point then it is logical that there are some major misunderstandings from each of the sexes about the other. Like urban legends these myths have been passed down from generation to generation without any proof or eye witnesses. Seemingly random statements or beliefs are voiced and they catch on like wildfire. This sometimes leads to more trouble between the sexes than is necessary. All I have to say is that relations between men and women are tough enough without all this false stuff getting in the way.

In light of this I have taken on as my duty the task of debunking some of the more popular or ridiculous myths and misconceptions the sexes have about each other.

1) Women Don't Like Sex: Now I cannot believe that in this day and age that this one still exists but it does. It's no wonder that feminists get upset about this one as it is another way that patriarchal society tries to control women. When women read this or hear it they think it is true and so try to repress any satisfaction they get from sex as if it was their womanly duty. Rubbish! Recently British comedian Stephen Fry even made some ridiculous assertions that women only agree to sex so they can trap a man into marriage. His proof that they don't enjoy it was that women do not engage in sex as often as gay men do. Do I even need to argue against this asinine claim? The fact is that most women enjoy sex. Some even enjoy it more than men do. It is not that women don't like the sex it is just that they think about the consequences of the act (pregnancy, relationships) more than men do.

2) An E-Cup Bra Exists: Guys I'm only gonna say this once…there is no such thing as an E-cup bra. Why do men who don't wear this article of clothing think that they know more than women? Ridiculous! Bra sizes don't function like the number system (1,2,3,4, etc); they don't follow one letter after another. Let it go, guys! Trust me on this one!

3) Men Will Change: If you are dating a man-child, a player or one with no social skills please do not hold out on the hope that you will change him. This rarely happens. Or at least not in the near future. Despite what you gals might think men are not "projects" just waiting for you to invest some time and work into them. Men are generally simple creatures and are comfortable in their habits. Yes, you can get them to change little things about themselves like waxing their backs or the like but don't expect major changes to come about no matter how much effort you put into it.

4) Girls Who Have Sex on the First Date Have Less of a Chance of Finding Relationships: Men like sex. That has already been established. They don't put much thought into it. Usually if they like you enough to go out with you and then have sex with you then they like you. It is as simple as that. I'm not talking about picking up a guy at a bar and having sex with him as that is a completely different category. If a man goes out with you it means that he likes you and it doesn't matter to him whether you have sex with him on the first or tenth date.

5) Love Conquers All: Not when there is culture, religion or distance in the way. Sometimes love isn't enough and other circumstances get in the way. Finding love is great but sometimes it is not enough and there is nothing you can do about it.

6) Men Are Scared of Marriage: Most women believe that men really do not want to get married…ever! So then using that logic you would also have to believe that every married man on the planet has been tricked, blackmailed or harassed into getting married. That doesn't say much for men does it? Also, I just read a statistic that said that only 18% of unmarried women said that they were looking for marriage. Not a very high number for women either. So who are the scaredy-cats really?

7) Men Are Afraid of Powerful Women: So not true! Most men agree that a confident women is a more attractive woman. Men are turned on by a woman with goals and drive. If a man is genuinely interested in a woman he is not going to let something like money get in the way.

8) Women Are Emotional While Men are Cool and Collected When It Comes to Relationships: Data studied proves that when it comes to relationships that men are more emotionally affected by what goes on within them. What causes this myth to be propagated and believed is the fact that men don't show it. They might put on a brave face in public but they are more likely to cry themselves to sleep than women. This is thought to be so because women have an outlet (friends, family) to work out their feelings and men don't. Guys tend to only really divulge their feelings to their girlfriends or wives.

9) Men Like Women Who Show a Lot of Skin: A study done by the magazine "Behaviour" polled men about the optimal amount of skin women should show and 40% was the most popular response. Crop tops and mini minis are too much and even men think them to be skanky.

10) Women Are Not Visual: The number one thing that women say about a man (and no, it isn't that she wants a man who makes her laugh!) is that she wants a man that is well groomed, clean and smells good. Interpersonal skills like funny, interesting and good conversationalist come after the fact that they want someone they find handsome. If a woman is not sexually attracted to you then the game is over and you cannot talk her into it.

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