The Tudors: The Complete Series

Ah, if only our present day leaders were so interesting then maybe more people would follow politics. In all seriousness folks, King Henry VIII was if not the most interesting monarch then right up there. So many wives then divorces or beheadings or putting them up in towers, etc. And he created a whole new religion (Protestantism or Church of England) so he could move from woman to woman. Brilliant, no?! What's the use of having all that power if you are not going to use it for your own benefit, right?

This interesting Showtime television series went on strong for four seasons. Besides all the interesting behaviour by the king and the people around him the series is also visually arresting with great sets and costumes. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, despite his substance problems, does a marvelous job in the title role and so does the supporting cast.

Episode 1: In Cold Blood: Henry (played by Jonathan Rhys-Meyers) is preparing for war with France.

Episode 2: Simply Henry: While Henry and his court and the King of France (played by Emmanuel Leconte) are trying to sign a treaty things get a little tense when both rulers lose their tempers on different occasions.

Episode 3: Wolsey, Wolsey, Wolsey!: Henry finds himself taken with Anne (played by Natalie Dormer).

Episode 4: His Majesty, the King: After Henry has a brush with death he begins to seriously worry about the fact that he has no heir.

Episode 5: Arise, My Lord: Anne turns down Henry's offer of making her his only mistress.

Episode 6: True Love: Henry gets more and more disenchanted with the Catholic Church's reluctance to grant the annulment of his marriage to Katherine of Aragon (played by Maria Doyle Kennedy).

Episode 7: Message to the Emperor: Henry is depressed due to the population in England declining due to a shortage of food and a plague.

Episode 8: Truth and Justice: A papal envoy is coming to see Henry about the annulment of his marriage to Katherine.

Episode 9: Look to God First: Cardinal Wolsey (played by Sam Neill) is stripped of all of his powers.

Episode 10: The Death of Wolsey: Cardinal Wolsey tries to form an alliance with Queen Katherine but those around the King find out.

Episode 11: Everything is Beautiful: Henry makes himself the head of the Church of England.

Episode 12: Tears of Blood: Henry and Anne go to France to visit.

Episode 13: Checkmate: Henry is out of patience and he and Anne marry in secret.

Episode 14: The Act of Succession: Henry and Anne's first child, a daughter named Elizabeth, is baptized.

Episode 15: His Majesty's Pleasure: According to the Catholic Church, Henry's marriage to Anne is not legitimate.

Episode 16: The Definition of Love: The Pope has excommunicated Henry and the Reformation continues.

Episode 17: Matters of State: Queen Anne feels threatened by Katherine and her daughter.

Episode 18: Lady in Waiting: Queen Anne is not exactly warm when she welcomes Jane Seymour (played by Anita Briem) as her lady in waiting.

Episode 19: The Act of Treason: Anne loses her male baby and with the miscarriage it seems like her chances of staying married to Henry are slim to none.

Episode 20: Destiny and Fortune: Queen Anne is imprisoned in the tower.

Episode 21: Civil Unrest: King Henry VIII gets married for the third time to the noblewoman Jane Seymour.

Episode 22: The Northern Uprising: Being just recently married doesn't stop Henry from taking on a mistress, Lady Ursula Misseldon (played by Charlotte Salt).

Episode 23: Dissension and Punishment: Near Christmas Henry reunites with his daughters, Elizabeth (played by Claire Macaulay) and Mary.

Episode 24: The Death of a Queen: Henry finally gets what he wishes for – a son.

Episode 25: Problems in the Reformation: After his wife dies Henry mourns alone.

Episode 26: Search For a New Queen: In order to rid England of Catholicism, Cromwell (played by James Frain) tries to find a Protestant for Henry to marry.

Episode 27: Protestant Anne of Cleves: England is threatened by a new alliance between Spain and France.

Episode 28: The Undoing of Cromwell: Henry annuls his marriage and takes on a very young mistress.

Episode 29: Moment of Nostalgia: Henry finds a new wife – teenager Katherine Howard (played by Tamzin Merchant), who causes plenty of jealousy at court.

Episode 30: Sister: Lord Surrey (played by David O'Hara) has the Seymour family in his sights.

Episode 31: Something For You: Henry forgives the citizens of the North for their rebellion against him.

Episode 32: Natural Ally: Queen Katherine is being blackmailed by a former lover.

Episode 33: Bottom of the Pot: Henry finds out that Katherine has been unfaithful and banishes her.

Episode 34: You Have My Permission: Henry puts his daughters back in the line for succession.

Episode 35: Sixth and the Final Wife: Henry takes Catherine Parr (played by Joely Richardson) as his sixth and last wife.

Episode 36: As it Should Be: The defeat of the French does not come without a high price in regards to the large number of dead amongst his soldiers but nonetheless Henry returns triumphantly to his kingdom.

Episode 37: Secrets of the Heart: After returning from France Henry's health gets worse.

Episode 38: Death of a Monarchy: Henry learns that his friends King Francis and Charles Brandon (played by Henry Cavill) are dying and is forced to confront his own mortality.

Special Features: Hirst's Castle, Reviving History, Royal Manners, Poetic License, Henry's Wives Club, History of the Tudor Rose, Medieval Arms, Tracking the Tudor Dynasty, Wheel of Misfortune, Deleted Scenes, Bloopers, Tudors 500th Anniversary: Hampton Court, Tudors 500th Anniversary: Tower of London, Tudors 500th Anniversary: British Library

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