The Treasure of the Sierra Madre – Blu-ray Edition

The legendary John Huston's (The Maltese Falcon, The African Queen) film won him Academy Awards for directing and screenplay as well as being named number 30 on the Top 100 American films of all time by the American Film Institute. No small praise. Plus Huston's father won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. This is merely one of the most celebrated films of all time.

At the time that the film was released Humphrey Bogart's performance was not appreciated. His character was purposely unlikeable and he really sold it. It was a great performance by Bogie. The actor does a great job conveying the greed and moral corruption of the character. He makes a once likable hobo into someone we despise with every fibre of our being and that is talent.

In Mexico, Fred C. Dobbs (Humphrey Bogart – Casablanca, Key Largo) is an unlucky man working tough jobs for money. He takes the little money he does have and puts it all into a gold-prospecting trip into the Sierra Mountains.

On this trip Dobbs meets an old prospector, Howard (Walter Huston – Yankee Doodle Dandy, And Then There Were None), and a young man named Curtin (Tim Holt – Stagecoach, The Magnificent Ambersons). The men work together and discover a rich vein of gold.

Once the three men become richer than they could have imagined they each react differently. For Dobbs greed and paranoia begins to affect him. Howard has seen this happen to men before.

This is a special film that really became ingrained in our collective pop culture consciousness. Many lines from the film are still used today even though many might not know where they come from. Most of us know or have used the line, "I don't have to show you any stinkin' badges". Did you know it comes from The Treasure of the Sierra Madre?

It is rare that a classic film is as good as its reputation. This is as good as they say it is. Though it is not a perfect film it is great one. Sometimes it is a little too simplistic and oftentimes, especially when depicting the interactions between Mexicans and whites, silly. Still it is a movie that all film buffs should see.

Special Features:
-Discovering Treasure: The Story of The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
-Documentary Profile John Huston
-Warner Night at the Movies 1948 Short Subjects Gallery: Leonard Maltin Introduction, Newsreel, 2 Classic Cartoons, Comedy Short, Theatrical Trailer
-Audio-Only Bonds: Radio Show with the Movie's Original Stars

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