War of the Worlds: The Final Season

For fans of science fiction this television series, which only lasted two seasons, is about Dr. Harrison Blackwood's (played by Jared Martin) team and their attempts to stop the aliens who have landed on Earth from spreading panic amongst the human population and destruction. This season is much darker than the first with a new alien race being used to battle the Martians. A total change of pace and direction for the series in the second season.

Episode 1: The Second Wave: After invasion the world is a mess with anarchy ruling, economics totally upside down, the environment holding on by a thread, and the American government in turmoil.

Episode 2: No Direction Home: The Blackwood team tries to regroup and find another place to work out of.

Episode 3: Doomsday: A heat wave is followed by a water shortage leaving people less than optimistic about the future.

Episode 4: Terminal Rock: Aliens are producing rock music that seems to control the minds of those that listen to it.

Episode 5: Breeding Ground: Harrison discovers evidence that the aliens are experimenting on human subjects.

Episode 6: Seft of Emun: Seft, the High Priestess of Emun, meets with Harrison.

Episode 7: Loving the Alien: Suzanne (played by Lynda Mason Green) helps Marcus (played by Eugene Robert Glazer) look for his daughter but they are unaware that she has been captured by the aliens.

Episode 8: Night Moves: Humans and aliens alike are having to deal with food shortages.

Episode 9: Synthetic Love: Kincaid (played by Adrian Paul) takes his friend Johnny (played by Vlasta Vrana), a drug addict, to a rehab clinic only to discover something strange is going on there.

Episode 10: The Defector: A Mothren technician tries to hack into humans' computers and is not successful leaving him affected both physically and mentally.

Episode 11: Time to Reap: The Eternal instructs Malzor (played by Denis Forest) on how to travel back in time to 1953 in order to get the inoculation against Earth's bacteria for his people.

Episode 12: The Pied Piper: The first Earth-born Mothren is now nine-years-old.

Episode 13: The Deadliest Disease: The Blackwood team and the Mothren battle over control of a med cell that could save many lives.

Episode 14: Path of Lies: The aliens are trying to kill reporter Marc Traynor (played by David Ferry), who has photos of dead aliens that have been killed by Blackwood and Kincaid.

Episode 15: Candle in the Night: The team tries to organize a surprise birthday party for Debi (played by Rachel Blanchard).

Episode 16: Video Messiah: The aliens are using subliminal messages and the clone of a motivational speaker in order to control the minds of the rich and powerful.

Episode 17: Totally Real: Debi is forced to battle an alien warrior in a fight to the death.

Episode 18: Max: It has been one year since his brother's death when Kincaid discovers they are bringing him back to life in order to kill him again.

Episode 19: The True Believer: The aliens learn the identities of Kincaid, Harrison and Suzanne.

Episode 20: The Obelisk: As the Mothrens keep losing numbers, Malzor decides to use something that will kill every native organism on Earth.

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