Flashpoint: The Complete Second Season

A series that follows the Strategic Response Unit (SRU), a group of elite tactical police officers who are called in when a situation is deemed high-risk. They use their training in psychology and tactics, the team knows how to handle pressure and make quick decisions. The members of the team have to bust up gangs, deal with hostage situations and even defuse bombs. Nothing cushy about this job. There is a nice mix of action and drama in the Canadian produced series.

Episode 1: Business as Usual: A CEO is taken hostage and the team is called in.

Episode 2: The Fortress: The team arrives at a hostage situation expecting one thing and have to deal with something completely different.

Episode 3: Clean Hands: The SRU is given the assignment of protecting a killer who is being returned to Canada.

Episode 4: Aisle 13: Trouble happens when a teenager demonstrates his anger over his best friend moving away.

Episode 5: The Perfect Family: After giving up a baby for adoption, a couple decide to kidnap the child to get it back.

Episode 6: Remote Control: A brother does something for his brother but ends up paying for it when a gang kidnaps his wife.

Episode 7: Perfect Storm: A student brings a gun to school to deal with some bullies.

Episode 8: Last Dance: After finding out she has a brain disease, a woman and her fiancé go off on a crime spree.

Episode 9: Exit Wounds: A gang and a man trying to protect his brother stage a stand off at a hospital.

Episode 10: One Wrong Move: The SRU team has to figure out where a man has planted bombs throughout the city.

Episode 11: Never Let You Down (aka: Change of Address): A new member joins the SRU team.

Episode 12: Just a Man: A riot breaks out at a prison and a man who is there to testify at a parole hearing is taken hostage.

Episode 13: Custody: Donald (played by Alan Van Sprang) takes his wife's lawyer hostage after he thinks that she has kidnapped their kids.

Episode 14: Coming to You Live: A radio talk show host takes a politician hostage at gun point live on-air and threatens to kill him unless he admits to killing someone while driving drunk.

Episode 15: The Farm: A young woman named Rachel (played by Gina Holden) tries to rob a gas station and ends up taking three people hostage.

Episode 16: You Think You Know Someone: Parker (played by Enrico Colantoni) reveals a secret in the hopes of saving his life after he is caught in a trap.

Episode 17: The Good Citizen: The SRU are on the trail of a man who is taking the law into his own hands.

Episode 18: Behind the Blue Line: A sniper starts shooting anyone who moves inside of a storied sports coliseum scheduled for demolition.

Special Features: Hugh Dillon Music Video, Stunts, Weapons

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