Susan Boyle

Back to back album reviews where the artist has given us their version of "Hallelujah". Will it never end? This time it is The X Factor phenomenon Susan Boyle who is reinterpreting Cohen's classic song. It is also another album of covers with most of them being of the holiday Continue Reading

Neil Diamond

How many different artists' renderings of the Leonard Cohen song "Hallelujah" do we really need? Well, pop icon Neil Diamond on his latest album that is filled with covers of 14 different songs has given us another. This is the album of his dreams comprised of the songs of other Continue Reading

Good Charlotte

Many reviews you will read about Good Charlotte's latest album will feature weak puns abut the album lacking heart (due to the title Cardiology) or the like. Well, while the puns are misplaces and lack a certain creative oomph themselves they are not off base. Ten years ago when the Continue Reading

Dany Brillant

Daniel Cohen is Dany Brillant. This singer was born in Tunisia, raised in Paris and sings in French. He has built his career upon releasing concept albums all centered around dancing. And by dancing I mean of the style from long ago. Listing crooners such as Frank Sinatra and Charles Continue Reading

Coconut Oil Review

I received five litres of virgin coconut oil in an unassuming white container. Eagerly, I pried off the lid and a wonderful, rich aroma of coconut filled the room. Solid at room temperature, coconut oil appears as a chunky white mass which is easily cut by a butter knife or Continue Reading