Good Charlotte

Many reviews you will read about Good Charlotte's latest album will feature weak puns abut the album lacking heart (due to the title Cardiology) or the like. Well, while the puns are misplaces and lack a certain creative oomph themselves they are not off base.

Ten years ago when the band released their first album they were anointed one of the crown princes of the pop punk genre. Five albums later and they have clung to the pop part and sort of forgotten the punk aspect. Cardiology demonstrates lyrically that they have matured, but musically they have been kinda running in place. It is filled with good hooks that are basically cheesy party fillers like the album's first single, "Like It's Her Birthday". It is not a bad album, but to me it kinda sounds like they have become the sellouts that they used to make fun of. For a big portion of the album they sound more like Third Eye Blind and Sugar Ray rather than their bad boy selves.

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