Neil Diamond

How many different artists' renderings of the Leonard Cohen song "Hallelujah" do we really need? Well, pop icon Neil Diamond on his latest album that is filled with covers of 14 different songs has given us another. This is the album of his dreams comprised of the songs of other composers that he loves. He brings his own unique je ne sais quoi to songs by The Eagles, Randy Newman, The Beatles, and others. It is quite interesting that he has chosen to redo one of his own hits, "I'm a Believer". This time round it is a more mature interpretation of its focus being the spiritual aspect rather than a song played with all out determination.

It seems like more and more today artists are turning towards the past to rerecord songs from eras gone by. I often wonder why? This 70-year-old has transformed each of them to suit his own style. He does not do it karaoke. The musical arrangements on the songs are pretty bare bones with just Diamond's voice, the piano, guitar, and strings. Less is definitely more in this instance. His voice is filled with the passion he obviously feels for these songs. You could criticize him for making "safe" choices in that all the songs are very well known from "Midnight Train to Georgia" to "Ain't No Sunshine", but who are we to criticize if these are his most favourite of tunes?

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