Nip/Tuck: The Complete Series

This drama revolves around two doctors in southern Florida who own a plastic surgery clinic. One doctor, Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) has issues at home with his wife Julia (Joely Richardson), while the other, Christian Troy (Julian McMahon) is a sex-addict who uses people to achieve his own ends and conducts underhanded business practices.

Season 1:
Episode 1: Pilot – Christian jeopardizes his friendship and professional relationship with Sean after operating on a Columbian drug lord, and Sean faces a mid-life crisis and trouble at home.

Episode 2: Mandi/Randi – Sean's son Matt (John Hensley) performs surgery when he attempts to circumcise himself. Meanwhile, Christian struggles with feelings for Julia.

Episode 3: Nanette Babcock – Sean and Julia discover Matt's self-circumcision, and Sean is forced to operate on his son. The clinic faces a malpractice lawsuit and must also deal with an unstable patient.

Episode 4: – Sophia Lopez – Christian tries to get business from a pornographer, while Sean repairs the work of a disreputable surgeon on a transgendered woman.

Episode 5: Kurt Dempsey – Julia is pregnant, a surprise that destabilizes her and Sean's already rocky marriage. After being caught in the act by the on-site psychologist, Dr. Grace Santiago (Valeria Cruz), Christian is referred to Sexaholics Anonymous.

Episode 6: Megan O'Hara – Christian's car and boat suffer vandalism, and Sean deals with the aftermath of Julia's miscarriage and connects with a breast cancer patient who wants a boob job.

Episode 7: Cliff Mantegna – Christian snags an invite to a secret upscale swinger's club, Julia catches Matt in a threesome and Sean sees a chiropractor. Julia's friend Jude (Phillip Rhys) begins working as an intern at the clinic.

Episode 8: Cara Fitzgerald – Matt and his friend Henry (Andrew Leeds) injure and disfigure a classmate in a hit-and-run. Christian removes an incriminating birthmark, which helps his client conceal previous crimes.

Episode 9: Sophia Lopez II – Christian trades his girlfriend Kimber (Kelly Carlson) for a Lamborghini, which arouses her ire once his deception is discovered. Matt discovers his father's infidelity, and Julia finds out some of Jude's dark secrets.

Episode 10: Adelle Coffin – Christian and Sean must take a recertification test. Julia discovers Sean's infidelity with terminal breast cancer patient Megan (Julie Warner).

Episode 11: Montana/Sassy/Justice – One of Christian's many conquests is pregnant, while Julia ponders the question of Matt's paternity.

Episode 12: Antonia Ramos – Sean and Christian are blackmailed into performing surgeries for drug lord Escobar Gallardo (Robert LaSardo). Christian prepares for the birth of his child, while Julia befriends a transsexual but finds that others are not as accepting.

Episode 13: Escobar Gallardo – Escobar continues to blackmail Sean and Christian, and the price for leaving them alone is a new face. Christian learns that the baby is not his, and that his ex-girlfriend Kimber has moved on.

Season 2:
Episode 14: Erica Noughton – Sean begins experiencing hand spasms which affects his ability to operate. Christian discovers that Wilbur's nanny (Portia Dawson) has been drugging the baby during a fling.

Episode 15: Christian Troy – Christian breaks his nose while performing oral sex, but is concerned about Sean's recent hand spasms. Therefore, he attempts to correct the issue himself but only makes it worse. Eventually, he undergoes surgery while not under anaesthesia so he can assist Sean. Matt is implicated in the hit-and-run accident he was involved in, and lies under oath.

Episode 16: Manya Mabika – Sean seeks sex advice from Christian, because Julia's been faking orgasms. A victim of female circumcision asks for a clitoral reconstruction from Christian.

Episode 17: Mrs. Grubman – Christian seeks custody of Wilbur and discovers that his ex Kimber is addicted to cocaine. A repeat client wants a knee lift.

Episode 18: Joel Gideon – Sean gains a fascination for risky behaviour after a car accident. Matt's paternity is revealed.

Episode 19: Bobbi Broderick – A patient unsatisfied with her liposuction seeks revenge, and causes problems for the practice. Matt's tutor Ava (Famke Janssen) makes him a deal: sex for good grades.

Episode 20: Naomi Gaines – Julia discovers Ava's illicit relationship with her son over a shared dinner, and Sean performs pro-bono surgery on a model that was attacked by the serial rapist known as The Carver.

Episode 21: Agatha Ripp – Julia begins having panic attacks and a shingles outbreak, and tells Sean that he isn't Matt's father. Sean reacts violently, attacking Julia and Christian.

Episode 22: Rose and Raven Rosenberg – While being tasked with the separation of adult conjoined twins, Sean and Christian re-evaluate their professional relationship.

Episode 23: Kimber Henry – Christian's ex Kimber is now a porn actress, and is having a sex doll made in her likeness. However, she is displeased with the doll's vagina and wants Sean and Christian to make it more interesting. Sean and Christian are convinced to give a man breast implants by Liz (Roma Maffia).

Episode 24: Natasha Charles – A blind woman wants new eyes, and Christian finds himself drawn to her. Sean and Kimber get together, prompting Julia to get breast implants.

Episode 25: Julia McNamara – Julia falls through a glass door and needs surgery to fix the scars on her face. While under anaesthesia, Julia dreams of what life would be like had she married Christian instead of Sean.

Episode 26: Oona Wentworth – Christian discovers that hack surgeon Merrill Bobolit (Joey Slotnick) has been giving bad Botox injections which cause adverse reactions. Matt is in trouble, as his friend Adrian's (Seth Gabel) drugs were found on school grounds.

Episode 27: Trudy Nye – Both Christian and Sean's relationships fall apart, and Julia and Sean work together to break up Matt and Ava's relationship.

Episode 28: Sean McNamara – Sean is attacked by The Carver. Christian discovers that his ex-lover, Gina (Jessalyn Gilsig) is HIV positive, and must seek out his own past lovers, as well as baby Wilbur and his father.

Episode 29: Joan Rivers – Matt and Ava want to run away to Paris, and she has Matt steal pills for her. Christian discovers their plans, and he, Julia and Sean join forces to get Ava away from Matt. Sean creates a trap for The Carver.

Season 3:
Episode 30: Momma Boone – Christian is left reeling after being attacked and raped by The Carver. Julia files for divorce while Sean performs surgery on an obese woman whose skin grew into and merged with a couch.

Episode 31: Kiki – A new doctor, Quentin Costa (Bruno Campos) is hired. Matt discovers his friend Adrian dead and struggles with his sexuality. Christian operates on a gorilla.

Episode 32: Derek, Alex and Gary – Matt is attacked by transsexuals and faces being sent away. Christian and Quentin manage to unglue the faces of two frat boys from the posterior of a third.

Episode 33: Rhea Reynolds – Child Protective Services becomes involved in Matt, Sean and Julia's lives. Christian and Quentin operate on another victim of the Carver, Rhea Reynolds (Kelsey Lynn Batelaan).

Episode 34: Granville Trap – Rhea is killed, and Christian is arrested and suspected to be The Carver. He also meets his birth-mother, Gail (Kathy Baker).

Episode 35: Frankenlaura – A body made of the dismembered parts of other corpses is found, and Sean must assist the police in dismantling the cadaver. Gina and Julia start a spa, but Gina's methods leave much to be desired.

Episode 36: Ben White – Sean begins working for the FBI, assisting the Witness Protection Program. Christian receives death threats from a man who wants his (healthy) leg amputated.

Episode 37: Tommy Bolton – A man with Down syndrome wants to look like his family. Christian gets to know his birth mother, and Sean moves Nicole (Anne Heche) and her son into his home, much to the dismay of Matt.

Episode 38: Hannah Tedesco – Christian and Quentin look into the opportunity to perform a facial transplant, which could increase their credibility. A housewife wants to be operated on so she resembles Kimber's sex doll.

Episode 39: Madison Berg – Christian and Kimber are getting married, but there are concerns about Christian's fidelity. Matt has a new girlfriend, who is anti-plastic surgery.

Episode 40: Abby Mays – Quentin is dating Julia, and Sean wants to fire him. Kimber leaves Christian at the altar. Matt's girlfriend begins to worry Sean.

Episode 41: Sal Perri – Julia's mother may have been a passenger on a crashed plane. Christian operates on burn victims from the crash.

Episode 42: Joy Kringle – Liposuction is performed on a woman who dresses as Mrs. Clause at the mall and a 17 year old fetus is discovered. Julia is pregnant again, with Sean's baby.

Episode 43: Cherry Peck – The Carver attacks Kimber and undoes all of her surgeries, and is the reason why she abandoned Christian at the altar. Quentin is suspected as being The Carver. Sean is blackmailed into helping the transsexual who Matt assaulted.

Episode 44: Quentin Costa – The Carver attacks a sorority house, and is eventually unmasked. Julia is having troubles with her pregnancy, and Matt is held captive by Ariel and her father.

Season 4:
Episode 45: Cindy Plumb – Christian sees a therapist and is disturbed by her opinions. Julia tells Sean about the genetic disorder their baby is carrying.

Episode 46: Blu Mondae – Matt is convinced to join Scientology by Kimber. Sean helps a man with facial deformities, pro-bono.

Episode 47: Monica Wilder – Sean cheats on Julia with a nanny candidate, and buys her silence with a free surgery. Christian wants liposuction because he feels he has become too fat.

Episode 48: Shari Noble – Julia has issues with breast feeding. Liz and Christian go to a lesbian bar, where Christian tries to apply his charms.

Episode 49: Dawn Budge – Christian has the opportunity to make a lot of money when a lottery winner wants to improve her appearance. Sean and Christian try to figure out how to get Matt to quit Scientology.

Episode 50: Faith Wolper, PhD – Sean has issues hiding his infidelity with Monica (Jennifer Hall). Christian has sex with his therapist.

Episode 51: Burt Landau – Christian convinces Kimber to sleep with him, after getting tired of having sex with Michelle (Sanaa Lathan).

Episode 52: Conor McNamara – Sean's son Conor needs surgery, and he and Julia have difficulty coming to terms with it. Mrs. Grubman wants to arrange to have surgery performed on her corpse.

Episode 53: Liz Cruz – Liz wants to have liposuction so she can keep up with her fitness-crazed girlfriend, Poppy (Alanis Morissette). Julia has an affair with Marlowe (Peter Dinklage), and he wants to have his legs lengthened.

Episode 54: Merril Bobolit – Dr. Merril Bobolit gets out of jail and requires anal reconstruction. Sean discovers Julia's affair, and Matt and Kimber get married and are expecting a baby.

Episode 55: Conor McNamara, 2026 – In the future, Conor needs hand surgery and re-unites his family. Julia leaves Sean for Marlowe in the present day.

Episode 56: Diana Lubey – Christian proposes to Michelle, despite his doubts. Sean is informed of Christian's homoerotic dreams about him, a breach of confidentiality by Christian's therapist.

Episode 57: Reefer – Christian gains custody of Gina's son, Wilbur because his father and adoptive mother were killed in a car accident. Michelle has difficulty accepting this change. Sean spends Christmas alone and begins drinking in excess.

Episode 58: Willy Ward – Gina is displeased with Christian and Michelle's desire to adopt Wilbur. Organ harvester James (Jacqueline Bisset) targets Wilbur, but is stopped.

Episode 59: Gala Gallardo – Sean wants to sell his part of the practice and move away. Drug lord Escobar's wife is scarred and needs surgery. Michelle confesses about the organ harvesting ring to Christian, which damages their relationship.

Season 5:
Episode 60: Carly Summers – Sean and Christian relocate to Los Angeles and must begin drumming up business.

Episode 61: Joyce & Sharon Monroe – Sean and Christian operate on Marilyn Monroe impersonators, and Christian poses for Playgirl. Julia visits with her new girlfriend.

Episode 62: Everett Poe – Julia's girlfriend Olivia (Portia de Rossi) has a promiscuous daughter who comes onto Sean and requests a hymen restoration. Matt leaves Kimber and arrives with his baby, Jenna.

Episode 63: Dawn Budge II – Dawn Budge (Rosie O'Donnell) returns and requires more surgery after an unfortunate encounter with an eagle. She is later attacked by The Ass Bandit, another serial rapist. Eden (AnnaLynne McCord), Olivia's daughter, is a bad influence on Sean's daughter, Annie (Kelsey Linn Batelaan).

Episode 64: Chaz Darling – Kimber and Matt are addicted to crystal meth. Christian is coerced into performing surgery on Eden's friend.

Episode 65: Damien Sands – Christian and Sean want to start their own reality TV show, which backfires. Liz is interested in Olivia, much to the chagrin of Julia.

Episode 66: Dr. Joshua Lee – Sean becomes involved with Eden. Kimber is disfigured because of meth, and agrees to dump Matt in return for surgery. Julia and Olivia are carjacked and traumatized.

Episode 67: Duke Collins – Matt is in the hospital after the explosion that disfigured himself and Kimber. It's Christmas, and Sean learns the truth about Christian and Julia.

Episode 68: Rachel Ben Natan – Sean hires Gina as a receptionist at the clinic, and Dawn Budge is injured again.

Episode 69: Magda & Jeff – Sean's popularity grows as he takes on the lead role in a soap opera about plastic surgeons. Gina comes onto Christian, but he rejects her.

Episode 70: Kyle Ainge – Gina dies, and Christian struggles to cope. Wilbur's kindergarten teacher has a fetish for biting kids. Sean's acting career becomes complicated as Colleen (Sharon Gless) reacts strongly after another agent shows interest in him.

Episode 71: Lulu Grandiron – Christian is approached by a socialite who wants to look like a cat. Colleen shows her true colours.

Episode 72: August Walden – Sean deals with a critic who slams his acting. Julia has been ill, but the cause of her ailment was unknown until now.

Episode 73: Candy Richards – Colleen escapes from the psych ward and goes after Sean. Matt sleeps with his own sister and must deal with the consequences.

Episode 74: Ronnie Chase – Sean is confined to a wheelchair after being stabbed by Colleen. Liz is suspected to have breast cancer, but her test results may have reached the wrong person.

Episode 75: Gene Shelly – Christian becomes sick from chemotherapy and Liz's support for him turns sexual. Sean doesn't really need that wheelchair and has been faking it, which causes tension between himself, Matt and Julia.

Episode 76: Roxy St. James – Sean operates on Olivia to reduce the effects of aging, but hallucinates and accidentally kills her. Christian seeks help with his breast cancer at a support group.

Episode 77: Ricky Wells – Sean and Raj (Adhir Kalyan) grow closer, and Matt becomes jealous of their relationship. Christian recovers from surgery.

Episode 78: Manny Skerritt – Kimber asks Christian to inject Botox into her baby daughter's lips. Sean is offered a deal for his life story, and begins falling for his new anaesthesiologist Teddy Rowe (Katee Sackhoff).

Episode 79: Budi Sabri – Sean begins partying hard with Teddy, and Christian must face the fact that his cancer has spread and wants to propose to Liz.

Episode 80: Allegra Calderella – Christian is trying to hire a replacement for himself, while Liz prepares to get married. Sean operates on a woman at the behest of her dying husband so she can get a handsome boyfriend after he dies.

Episode 81: Giselle Blaylock & Legend Chandler – Christian and Liz get ready for their wedding, and Kimber's marriage falls apart. Sean and Teddy begin having relationship problems.

Season 6:
Episode 82: Don Hoberman – After it is revealed that Christian doesn't have breast cancer, Liz divorces him. Christian has other problems, as he and Sean struggle to keep the practice afloat during the recession. Sean is an insomniac.

Episode 83: Enigma – Kimber wants to make sex toys modeled on Christian's penis. Sean overdoses on pain pills.

Episode 84: Briggitte Reinholt – A patient requests leeches as part of her plastic surgery treatment. Sean and Teddy get married. Christian gives relationship advice, with unexpected results.

Episode 85: Jenny Juggs – Matt becomes a mime and turns to crime. Christian struggles to help a large breasted woman with anger issues, and Teddy plots to kill Sean.

Episode 86: Abigail Sullivan – Matt runs from the cops after being shot. Teddy is murdered and Sean tracks down her killer.

Episode 87: Alexis Stone – A custody battle rages as Erica (Vanessa Redgrave), Julia's mother, comes to take custody of her grandchildren away from Sean and Julia. Christian's relations are complicated, as he tries to struggle with his issues with both Liz and Kimber.

Episode 88: Alexis Stone II – Erica's custody battle goes awry, and Christian must decide whether or not to give Matt a breast augmentation.

Episode 89: Lola Wlodkowski – Sean receives a request to remove a woman's nipples, so she can look more like Barbie. Christian has sex with Liz's overweight friend and discovers something about himself.

Episode 90: Benny Nilsson – Christian falls into debt, while Sean is startled by the appearance of his supposedly dead brother, Brendan (Neil Hopkins).

Episode 91: Wesley Clovis – Sean is offered a trade – perform liposuction on an obese death row inmate in exchange for Matt's freedom. Christian coerces Kimber into a decision about her pregnancy.

Episode 92: Dan Daly – Christian and Kimber are married, but Sean is tired of cleaning up Christian's messes and hiding his dirty laundry.

Season 7:
Episode 93: Willow Banks – A model wants to look normal, and Christian won't help her. Kimber is dissatisfied with Christian, so she sleeps with Sean.

Episode 94: Joel Seabrook – Christian begins experiment with auto-erotic asphyxiation as his marriage falls apart. Sean wants to take on more pro-bono work.

Episode 95: Sheila Carlton – Christian is left reeling after Kimber's suicide, and seeks comfort with her mother. Sean postponed joining Doctors Without Borders. A patient has half her face ripped off by a pet chimpanzee and needs surgery.

Episode 96: Virginia Hayes – Escobar's daughter wants answers about her father from Sean and Christian.

Episode 97: Dr. Griffin – Christian and Sean begin go to therapy together to try to clear the air, and resolve their problems. Many secrets are exposed. Liz and Matt attend a session as well, where Matt introduces his new fiancée to them.

Episode 98: Christian Troy II – Christian hallucinates while under aesthetic, meets his birth father and comes to some introspective realizations.

Episode 99: Walter & Edith Krieger – Ava returns, with her adopted son and requests surgery to help fix a deforming disease. She discovers Matt's recent engagement and begins interfering.

Episode 100; Hiro Yoshimura – Christian agrees to operate on Ava's adopted son if she leaves Matt alone. Liz is pregnant, and Sean is very excited. Christian is influenced by Julia and his own hallucinations to re-evaluate his friendship with Sean.

Special features:
-Extended pilot
-Documentary "Giving Melodrama a Facelift"
Featurette: "'Are those Real or Fake?' the make-up effects of Nip/Tuck"
-Gag reel: Severed Parts
– Deleted scenes
-Music video "A Perfect Lie"
-Trailer for Season 2
-Featurette "Recurring Pain: Three Women and Their Man"
-Featurette "Chasing the Carver"
Featurette: "The Perfect Look: Set Design"
Featurette Season 4: Clever Casting: the Season's guest start
Featurette: "The Cutting Edge: How Real-life Dramas are incorporated into the show"
Featurette: "Sizzle: The Sexuality of Nip/Tuck"
Featurette: "Tell Me What You Don't Like About Yourself-The Psychology"
Featurette: "Nip/Tuck: The Science of Beauty"
Featurette: "Hollywood Hedonism: The Transition from Miami to Hollywood"

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