Gunsmoke: The Fourth Season – Volume 1

TV's longest running Western (20 seasons) takes place in Dodge City, Kansas in the time where the West was being settled. You get some of your usual Western stuff with gun fights and loud nights at saloons plus the added bonus of character development and plenty 'o drama. Keep your eyes open for guest appearances by Burt Reynolds,

Episode 1: Matt for Murder: Marshal Matt Dillon (played by James Arness) is accused of killing an innocent man.

Episode 2: The Patsy: A young man is shot in the back and the witness, a hostess at the Long Branch, accuses the wrong man.

Episode 3: Gunsmuggler: Matt is afraid that there will be trouble when the Indian renegades discover that the guns they have been sold are outdated.

Episode 4: Monopoly: A stranger arrives in Dodge and begins to buy up all the freight lines.

Episode 5: Letter of the Law: Matt tries every legal way he can think of to serve a farmer with an eviction notice.

Episode 6: Thoroughbreds: Matt is suspicious about the stranger in town and his worries come to roost when Miss Kitty (played by Amanda Blake) sees him in a gunfight.

Episode 7: Stage Holdup: Three men hold up the stagecoach that Matt and Chester (played by Dennis Weaver) are on.

Episode 8: Lost Rifle: A dead body is found and a friend of Matt's is accused of the murder.

Episode 9: Land Deal: A man tries to swindle money out of some Easterners with the promise of some railroad land.

Episode 10: Lynching Man: Two men lynch an innocent man then steal his horse and Charlie (played by George Macready) does not think that Matt is moving fast enough to find the killers so he takes it upon himself.

Episode 11: How to Kill a Friend: Two gamblers try to bribe Matt in order to hold crooked games.

Episode 12: Grass: Pretending to be Indians, two men try to scare a farmer off his land.

Episode 13: The Cast: Doc Adams (played by Milburn Stone) is unable to save the life of a woman who swallowed a nail and her husband, who has always hated doctors, is looking for revenge.

Episode 14: Robber Bridegroom: A rancher robs the stage and takes a woman hostage who is about to be married.

Episode 15: Snakebite: A not well liked man is found dead after he shot a dog.

Episode 16: Gypsum Hills Feud: Matt and Chester go on a hunting trip and Matt gets shot.

Episode 17: Young Love: After a boss is killed, two ranch hands end up fighting then one falls in love with the boss's widow while the other steals her cattle.

Episode 18: Marshal Proudfoot: Chester's uncle arrives for a visit and mistakes his nephew for the town marshal and Matt as the deputy.

Episode 19: Passive Resistance: A farmer will not tell Matt who burned down his house and killed his sheep herd.

Special Features:
-How to Cure a Friend (From Season 2)
-Sponsor Shots