Ugly Americans: Volume One

This show is definitely left of centre. It takes place in New York City and is about a time where humans and mythical creatures coexist together. And not necessarily in harmony. This is part science fiction, part pornography, part fantasy, and totally original.

Episode 1: Pilot: New York City is a place where zombies, vampires and other creatures live alongside humans.

Episode 2: An American Werewolf in America: Leonard is a little preoccupied with his brother Christ Angel, so Mark ends up with the job of sensitizing a werewolf.

Episode 3: Demon Baby: Mark is taking care of a demon baby and awakens Callie's maternal urges.

Episode 4: Blob Gets a Job: Randall has rented out his room to a yeti for the Yeti Conventions and Leonard has to deal with a blob.

Episode 5: Treegasm: It is Treegasm time – the time when the treetures go through a mating ritual.

Episode 6: So You Want to Be a Vampire?: Lt. Grimes and his men have to undergo anger management under Leonard's supervision.

Episode 7: Kong of Queens: At the Department of Integration due to budget cutbacks the Social Service Division is being shut down temporarily.

Special Features:
-Art Gallery
-Facebook Photos
-Sneak Peek Clip
-Sneak Peek Art