Cinemania Film Festival 2010 Wrap-Up

Up-and-coming young directors, European box office smashes and winners from different film festivals all are part of the Cinemania film festival each year. They are all of diverse styles (comedy, drama, romance, etc.) and feature a myriad of subjects (murder, family relations, faith, etc.), but the one thing they have in common is that they are all in French. Cinemania brings us the best of the best films in French. Subtitled in English they are available and accessible to everyone in Montreal. Obviously appreciated, once again cinephiles turned out in record numbers for the festival with every screening being very well attended.

Each year the Prix du Public is awarded to the film voted to be the favourite one of the festival by festival attendees. This year founder and president of the festival Maidy Teitelbaum announced that the prize went to Francois Ozon for his film "Potiche". A charming retro comedy, "Potiche" was the overwhelming favourite in this the 16th year of the festival. With a cast that includes Gerard Depardieu and Catherine Deneuve how could it not be a winner?

Now that the festival is finished for 2010 the people behind will turn right around and start planning for 2011. Mark off November 3-13, 2011 on your calendars as this is a festival you won't want to miss!

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