Lock ‘n Load: Season 1

Though I am an adamant anti-gun person I have to admit that this television series was an interesting and entertaining watch. Taking place in The Shootist, a family owned gun shop in Englewood, Colorado, we get to see the types of people that come in to buy a gun or shoot at the 10 lane shooting range. Oh boy, are they eccentric, funny, scary and just plain interesting to watch. The customers are filmed on several hidden cameras in the shop as they come in to buy a gun from salesman Josh T. Ryan. He obviously loves guns and people and is able to get them into crazy conversations. Every customer that comes in whether it be a mother scared that her home will be broken into, a husband wanting to protect his family or just plain shooting enthusiasts has their own story. A true reality show.

Episode 1: The Widowmaker: One of his customers challenges Josh to a shooting contest.

Episode 2: The Rockers: After his wife was approached by a black bear, a man comes in the store to get his wife a gun even though she is not sure herself that she wants one.

Episode 3: Granny's Got a Gun: The owner of the gun shop, Arlene, talks to Josh about how and why her deceased husband bought the gun shop a decade ago.

Episode 4: Don't Shoot For Me Argentina: A young woman celebrates her one year wedding anniversary by shooting alone at the range.

Episode 5: Robbed: Josh finds out that the store has been robbed.

Episode 6: License to Conceal: A Christian couple comes into the store and talk to Josh about life and guns.

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