How Many People Should I Sleep With?

Over the course of our lives most of us are going to get married or settle down with one person. What that means is that you can no longer have on night stands with strangers or meaningless sex…or maybe you do, but that is another article. The question that just recently struck me in relation to all that is: How do you know when you have had sex with enough people? Hmmm…

In today's dating environment sex is a fairly easy to get commodity for some. There are seemingly infinite amounts of people to hook up with or many going nowhere relationships to get into. So that means that the "value" of the number of people you have slept with has decreased significantly.

With that in mind an Australian mathematician combined her two loves of math and sex in an attempt to come up with the right number of people a person should sleep with before they settle down. The magic number she came up with was 12. Though I am not exactly clear on how she came about the number 12 is what she fixed upon. She claims that 12 is the number of sexual partners one needs in their live to be able to understand what they want in that department. A sampling size of 12 gives us enough "data" to compare and analyze in order to be sure of what we need sexually and in a person. Further she claims that if you sleep with 12 people that your success rate of finding a person to stay married is an astonishing 75%. Wow, I'll take those odds.

While I somewhat doubt the "science" behind this or the seemingly randomness of the number 12, what I did like was that she made a list of the different categories of people that you should sleep with at least once in your life and here they are:

1) Sleep with a Foreigner: Italian. Lebanese. French. Whatever nationality or culture floats your boat. This is part of a rite of passage.

2) Sleep with a Celebrity, Professional Sports Person or Model: Hot bodies, good cardio and nice to look at are just some of the things these types usually possess. Plus it's cool to sleep with someone wanted by many.

3) Sleep with Someone Much Older or Much Younger: Men lately seem to be all hot and bothered with cougars and women always rant about younger men. Plus you get that little bit of a naughty feeling from sleeping with someone who is age inappropriate for you. Just a word of warning to make sure the young ones are of age.

4) Sleep with the Nice Guy/Girl: Just so you can recognize what it feels like to be treated well and can identify the opposite. Just don't use them and then break their hearts.

5) Sleep with Your Teenage Crush: That person you pined for all throughout high school but never dated. Now that you're all grown up it's your chance to get it out of your system.

6) Sleep with Your Ex/Best Friend/Roommate: These are all people that you are supposed to stay a hundred miles away from. Make sure you are mentally strong enough and then go for it.

Obviously this whole article is supposed to be seen as just cheeky…fun, but cheeky!

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