Shrek the Halls

Originally intended to be a half hour television special the run time of this "film" is only 22 minutes long, so it seems like a little bit of a rip off to buy a DVD for that little run time, but it is Shrek and it is a Christmas video so I'm going to try to avoid being a Grinch.

Shrek is trying his best to get into the Christmas spirit. He makes a promise to his wife Fiona and their kids that this will be the best Christmas ever. After making this promise Shrek realizes that he does not really know the first thing about Christmas. After plenty of effort he finally thinks he has things under control when Puss in Boots, Gingy and some other friends show up and try to muscle their way in to Shrek's Christmas plans.

Though you'll be able to see the result coming from a mile away it won't matter much to the intended audience. The short film is made for kids and they will love it as the Shrek film characters are all there and they all act like themselves. As usual there are plenty of pop culture/Christmas references in it that will tickle the older kids' funny bones.

Just as a warning there is one short disturbing scene involving Kris Kringle, but it doesn't last long and it's right back to the holiday cheer soon after.

Special Features:
-12 Days of Christmas Sing Along
-Deck the Halls Sing Along
-Gingy's Dunking Game
-Shrek Carnival Craze Video Game Demo + Cheat Code
-Dreamworks Animation Video Jukebox

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