127 Hours

Aron Ralston (James Franco) is a man with a passion. He considers his second home to be the canyons near Moab, Utah, and he enjoys spending his weekends canyoneering and exploring the vast wilderness. Alone. Our hero's adventure begins the day he leaves. Not leaving a note or telling anyone Continue Reading

Walk to Bethlehem Preview

Amid the bustle of our consumerist society, the true origins and spirit of Christmas have been forgotten. The Hudson Community Baptist Church has, for the past 6 years, organized a living recreation of the Nativity, the story of the first Christmas. Featuring a staggering 115 singers, cast and crew, this Continue Reading

Love Crime @ Cinemania

Early this past sunny and brisk Sunday morning I headed over to the Imperial Cinema to complete my Ludivine Sagnier weekend at the Cinemania Film Festival. I had previously seen her as the eccentric but lovable character of Lily in Lily Sometimes and her second film of the weekend was Continue Reading

Baseball: The Tenth Inning

Any documentary that Ken Burns has done has been marvelous. He is thorough (maybe to a fault in some opinions) and brings out everything interesting about the subject he is covering. Whether he is presenting war or Frank Lloyd Wright or jazz music he will make the viewer care about Continue Reading