James Blunt

The third album from this British singer/songwriter comes with all kinds of expectations and pressures. That is what happens when you get Grammy nominations and your first two sell over 18 million worldwide. The result is that half of the album works and half doesn't.

When Blunt is doing up tempo numbers it seems as if he is he has a ton of weight off his slight shoulders and a sense of freedom about him. Then, when he returns to the expected ballads it almost seems like he is just going through the motions.

But, let's go back to the positive stuff…much of the album is refreshingly upbeat with few down moments. Besides the freedom feeling there is also plenty of innocence in it. We also see another side of Blunt in that he is not always serious. I, for one, like it better than the morose Brit thing.

Bottom line is that if you were a fan previous to this album you will love it and if you weren't don't waste your time as it will not change your mind.

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