New Mexico

The songs on this EP can be summed up by the word "cool". You can definitely picture listening to it while on a road trip on a deserted strip of road in your classic muscle car. Yes, it is that cool.

New Mexico used to go by the band name The Apes of Wrath and is from San Diego. The trio is made up of Jake Bankhead (bass/vocals), Dustin Elliott (drums) and Robert Kent (guitar/vocals).

The EP starts off with "Motion Sickness", a song that will have you bouncing your head along to the beat while you giggle at the lyrics full of black humour. Next up is "Abused and Amused" and it keeps the tempo high. Several of the songs will remind you alternately of Devo and The Ramones. Their sound is kinda punk and kinda new wave, but still plenty fresh.

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