Regina Spektor

First live recording and concert film from this Russian born songstress, it was recorded in London's famous Hammersmith Apollo Theatre. The 23 songs are from the entire width and breadth of her catalogue. Within the 23, there is an added treat of three new songs that have only been performed live.

The songs, as usual are marvelous, but there are a couple of complaints (or as I like to categorize them as – suggestions for the future) I'd like to go over. First of all the sound is not the greatest. Not much post-production could have been done on this before it was released. Though fans do like the "live" aspect of these recordings you can still clean it up a little. Secondly, all of Regina's banter in between songs has been edited out. While I agree it probably could not be all kept in a little hint of what she is all about would have been nice.

On the concert film you get to sneak peeks backstage at the show and get a bird's eye view and listen to sound checks. It is 64 minutes long.

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