2010: A Year of Sexual Addiction, Mistresses and Infidelities

Am I just getting older or was 2010 a mess of a year sexually? No marriages seemed to last, plenty of infidelity and when celebrities got caught they claimed to be sex addicts. Celebrities like Tiger Woods and Jesse James got caught up in scandals and former unknowns like Michelle McGee and Rachel Uchitel became known worldwide after they became linked with married men.

Sex addiction became an excuse for celebrities like Tiger Woods and David Duchovny who got caught with a certain part of their anatomy in the proverbial cookie jar. Even those involved in the infidelities did not seem to accept the excuse any more. Heavily tattooed stripper Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, the woman who was caught with Jesse James who was married to Sandra Bullock, stated that playing the sexual addiction card seemed to her a little too convenient.

Despite the fact that most of us were disgusted by the infidelities we were still interested in these women. McGee and one of Woods's indiscretions Uchitel became famous. The media, fuelled by public demand, could not seem to get enough of them. Seems to me that all that does is show these women that all that sleeping with married men will bring them is celebrity. They get their 15 minutes in the spotlight and a nice chunk of change they never would have gained otherwise. Despite our disgust we are intrigued.

Why do these women do it? Do they feel no sympathy for the wives? Do they regret their actions? Why would a woman choose to become a mistress? Many of these women claim that they did not know that the man they embarked in a relationship with were already spoken for. I find that hard to believe. Who did not know about Woods or who Sandra Bullock was married to? These men are public figures and so the simple use of Google would have revealed everything. They claim that they were ignorant and when they did find out that they were already head over heels in love.

McGee claims that she did not know that James was still with his wife (he had told her they were separated and in the process of getting a divorce) during the one year they were together and that she was surprised when she watched the Oscars only to see Sandra Bullock and James together and crying when she won. The story of the affair came out shortly afterwards and it was Bullock's turn to be shocked. James left McGee holding the bag. He then claimed sexual addiction and went off to rehab. In an interview she voiced doubts about his sexual addiction and said it was just an excuse used by celebrities when caught in infidelities.

If it is not sexual addiction then why do so many male celebrities do it? Is it simply because they can? Is it that women are attracted to married men because they truly believe that all good men are taken? Is it because casual sex is accepted today? These are all questions that have no answers but seemed to dominate the sexual landscape in 2010.

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