Badfish Concert Tribute

Badfish is a Sublime tribute band that took their name from a song by the band (naturally) on the album 40 oz. to Freedom. Sublime was a popular band in the 1990s. Though they play the music of Sublime, Badfish puts their own twist on it. The energy of Badfish really is what makes the crowds at their live shows respond to them.

The members got together in 2001 while attending the University of Rhode Island as computer science majors. Soon they were popular enough to play at universities all along the American East Coast and Midwest. They filled a void amongst Sublime fans that never got to see the band live due to the 1996 death of member Bradley Nowell and the band's subsequent breakup. Badfish is comprised of Joel Hanks (bass), Scott Begin (drums), Pat Downes (vocals/guitar), and Dorian Duffy (keyboards/guitar).

This show is general admission and all ages.

Additional Information:
-Venue: 1225 St. Laurent
-Ticket Purchase:
-Ticket Price: $22.50 (plus taxes and service charges)
-Show Time: 8:00 p.m.

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