In Treatment: Season Two

Seriously this is one of the best shows on television. Starring Gabriel Byrne, who is totally "mangeable" (as we say in Quebec), as therapist Dr. Paul Weston. Paul has moved back to New York and is adjusting to being divorced in this season. In the big city he is going about fighting the lawsuit brought against him by the father of a former patient who committed suicide and at the same time trying to rebuild his practice.

It is done in easily digestible, down and dirty 30 minute sessions with his patients. Enjoy!

Episode 1: Mia: The subpoena brings a former patient back into Paul's life.

Episode 2: April: Paul's new patient April (played by Alison Pill), a young architecture student, has cancer and does not want to tell anyone.

Episode 3: Oliver: Six-year-old Oliver (played by Aaron Grady Shaw) is brought to see Paul by his parents, who are going through a divorce.

Episode 4: Walter: CEO Walter (played by John Mahoney) comes to Paul due to a bought of insomnia and anxiety.

Episode 5: Gina: Paul restarts his weekly sessions with Gina (played by Dianne Wiest)

Episode 6: Mia: In her first session, Mia (played by Hope Davis) keeps trying to impress Paul with how successful she has been professionally.

Episode 7: April: April tells Paul about her trying to distance herself from her ex-boyfriend, who she told about her cancer.

Episode 8: Oliver: Oliver tells Paul about how difficult he finds it shuttling between his two parents' houses.

Episode 9: Walter: Paul believes that a childhood tragedy is the cause of Walter's panic attacks.

Episode 10: Gina: Paul reconnects with a childhood crush in the effort to learn about his mother's suicide.

Episode 11: Mia: The case that Paul is fighting becomes part of his session with Mia.

Episode 12: April: As she remembers a childhood tragedy April sees the links between that and her issues with independence.

Episode 13: Oliver: Bess (played by Sherri Saum) and Luke (played by Russell Hornsby) have differing opinions about whether Oliver's stay at Luke's was a success.

Episode 14: Walter: While a crisis is going on at his company, Walter tells Paul of his attempt to rescue his daughter.

Episode 15: Gina: Gina wants Paul to talk about his feelings of resentment concerning his having to take care of his sick father.

Episode 16: Mia: Paul wants to explores the emotional reasons behind Mia's crazy weekend.

Episode 17: April: Paul crosses a professional boundary with April.

Episode 18: Oliver: Paul believes that Oliver's recent perfect behaviour is just temporary.

Episode 19: Walter: Walter has to confront his emotions about what recently happened at work.

Episode 20: Gina: Gina wants Paul to renew his relationship with his father before it is too late.

Episode 21: Mia: Paul and Mia discuss death, loneliness, life, and last chances.

Episode 22: April: Paul tries to get April to admit that she does not like to rely on those around her.

Episode 23: Oliver: Oliver's recent bad behaviour at home and school angers his father, who seems to have his own issues going on.

Episode 24: Walter: Paul decides that Walter is a risk to himself.

Episode 25: Gina: Gina wants Paul to address unresolved emotions concerning his father.

Episode 26: Mia: Paul tries to help Mia understand her feelings about her relationship with her mother.

Episode 27: April: April accuses Paul of betraying her.

Episode 28: Oliver: Going against Paul and Oliver's wishes, Bess and Luke come up with a plan of their own for the future of the family.

Episode 29: Walter: Paul tries to get Walter to accept his vulnerable side.

Episode 30: Gina: Gina is irate when Paul accuses her of not involving herself in her patients.

Episode 31: Mia: After failing in her seduction of Paul, Mia makes a life altering decision.

Episode 32: April: April reveals something to Paul and shows herself willing to deal with her feelings of anger and her future.

Episode 33: Oliver: Bess and Luke finally find some closure while Paul tries to deal with Oliver's fears.

Episode 34: Walter: Paul comes up with a plan for Walter and his future.

Episode 35: Gina: Paul and Gina come to a decision about the future of their patient/therapist relationship.

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