The Black Eyed Peas

Sometimes The Black Eyed Peas, in my opinion, stretch themselves too thin trying to provide different kinds of music for different kinds of fans. They try to be everything for everyone and don't really focus on what they do best – making forgettable dance tracks of the moment. You'll hear traces of Daft Punk, Gwen Stefani and even Debby Harry on the album. To go even further each song goes through a range of beats, sounds and melodies. Sometimes all that change does not do the song justice. On the other hand The Black Eyed Peas don't even try to fool people that all they are interested in is making party music. That is very obvious with tracks entitled "Light Up the Night", "Don't Stop the Party" and "Play it Loud". seems to be down with the futuristic/space sounds and as a result the album is full of them. It is almost techno sounding, but not quite. To end this up I just have one request – NO MORE AUTO TUNE!!

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