SpongeBob SquarePants: Season 6 – Volume 2

Buy this for all fans of the series. Several of the recent seasons were not so great but this is a return to form. Much brainless fun!

Episode 1: POROUS POCKETS: SpongeBob finds himself wealthy.

Episode 2: CHOIR BOYS: SpongeBob is a great singer and Squidward is the exact opposite.

Episode 3: KRUSTY KRUSHERS: SpongeBob and Patrick pretend to wrestle so that Mr. Krabs can get a million dollars.

Episode 4: THE CARD: SpongeBob is on the hunt for the very rare talking mermaidman card.

Episode 5: DEAR VIKINGS: Vikings come to Bikini Bottom and are looking for SpongeBob.

Episode 6: DITCHIN: After skipping class, SpongeBob is afraid that he going to get in trouble from his teacher, Mrs. Puff.

Episode 7: GRANDPAPPY THE PIRATE: The grandfather of Mr. Krabs comes for a visit and expects his grandson to be a pirate.

Episode 8: CEPHALOPOD LODGE: Squidward is kicked out of his secret club after SpongeBob and Patrick show up.

Episode 9: SHUFFLEBOARDING: SpongeBob and Patrick in a shuffleboard contest play the part of a mermaid man and a barnacle boy.

Episode 10: PROFESSOR SQUIDWARD: When SpongeBob and Patrick join Squidward's music class chaos reigns.

Episode 11: PET OR PESTS: SpongeBob's new pet is more trouble than he bargained for.

Episode 12: KOMPUTER OVERLOAD: Karen has had enough and decides to leave Plankton.

Episode 13: GULLIBLE PANTS: Mr. Krabs leaves the Krusty Krab for 15 minutes and SpongeBob is left in charge.

Episode 14: OVERBOOKED: SpongeBob makes a promise to three different friends to help them all on the same evening.

Episode 15: NO HAT FOR PAT: Once he starts working at the Krusty Krab all Patrick really wants is a hat.

Episode 16: TOY STORE OF DOOM: Their longtime dream comes true when Spongebob and Patrick get locked in a toy store though it does not turn out as they had hoped.

Episode 17: SAND CASTLES IN THE SAND: SpongeBob and Patrick fight over whose sandcastle is better.

Episode 18: SHELL SHOCKED: Gary's shell breaks and SpongeBob tries to find him a new one which is easier said than done.

Episode 19: CHUM BUCKET SUPREME: No one can stop eating at the Chum Bucket because of the new slogan that Patrick comes up with.

Episode 20: SINGLE CELL ANNIVERSARY: Plankton gets SpongeBob to help him find the perfect gift for Karen.

Episode 21: PINEAPPLE FEVER: A storm is coming and Squidward is trapped in SpongeBob's house so they play boardgames to pass the time.

Episode 22: CHUM CAVERNS: Once the environment around it changes the Chum Bucket becomes the hot place to eat.

Special Features: Bollywood Bob, How to Make SpongeBob SquarePants, "The Clash of Triton" Shorts, SpongeGod, Neptune's Origins

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