Top 10 Cars to Have Sex In

In a sort of weird homage to the Montreal International Auto Show (which is happening January 14-23, 2011) I thought about making a list of top 10 cars to have sex in. Why you ask? Well, it was after reading a survey done of British folks that stated that 54% of them had had sex in a car. Apparently it is not just hormone crazy teens that are doing the dirty deed in cars. What is even more surprising from that survey is that it seems to be older folks who are leading the way in the sex in car department. In the 55 and over age category 39% said they rather enjoyed their experience in a car. Despite the small conditions and the higher chance of being seen plenty of people seem to be ready, willing and able to do it in a car.

Here are some tips for those thinking of engaging in this extra-curricular activity: bigger isn't necessarily better when it comes to cars, in the winter leave the heater on and experiment to find the most comfortable position.

I have for you developed a little tongue-in-cheek list of the ten best cars to have sex in and it goes a little something like this…

1) Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon: Though the regular DTS has the largest back seat this model has plenty of open trunk space and is a whole lot sexier a vehicle.

2) Volkswagen Beetle (original): Though it can be rather snug the retro feel of the car will transport you back to your more adventurous and flexible sexual days.

3) Volvo V70: Longtime favourite of dog owners, this is a very roomy car. You should consider purchasing this car for more than IKEA runs. Appreciate its versatility.

4) Mini Cooper: Another retro car and it might inspire you to recreate the 60s once again. Don't overlook it because of its small size.

5) Honda Fit: Hey, it has the word fit in its name, so it has got to be perfect for any activity, no? It also has a feature called the Magic Seat that makes the car a shoe in to be included in this top 10.

6) Rolls Royce Ghost: Hey, if you are going to attempt this why not have it happen in totally luxury?

7) Ford Mustang Convertible: The raw sexuality of this car makes it an obvious choice. I chose the convertible model because the hard top would make the act impossible for those over 5 feet tall and not Cirque du Soleil performers.

8) Land Rover Discovery: An all weather and terrain type of car, so the option will be open to you no matter where you are and what is going on outside.

9) Alfa Romeo Spider: A very romantic choice if your partner is a little older.

10) Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed: Again the name helps it make it to the list. Also the interior is so luxurious that you will think you are in the W Hotel. The 1,100 watt Naim audio system will also allow you to drown out any noises made.

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