Though this British band went on hiatus in 2009 they released an album at the end of 2010. Magic, you ask? No, I answer. The songs on this album are products of the recording sessions involved in the making of their 2008 album "Chemical Chords". For those of you not Continue Reading

Michelle Owens

Another wunderkind at the ripe old age of 18, Toronto based Michelle Owen is already making her mark on the Canadian music industry. You would never have guessed she was the tender age of 18 if I hadn't told you as her work is quite mature. Don't you dare lump Continue Reading


A crisis of faith is plaguing longtime clergyman, James Moore (Corbin Bernsen – from television's L.A. Law) and so he decides to return to his hometown to try and figure things out. He figures that if he goes back to the church where he first heard his calling then things Continue Reading

Perry Mason: Season 5 – Volume 2

One of the first and still best television crime dramas featuring the impossibly smart lawyer Perry Mason (played by Raymond Burr). Always interesting cases and plenty of courtroom drama. To do battle against prosecutor Hamilton Burger (played by William Talman), Mason relies on help from secretary Della Reese (played by Continue Reading