10 Items or Less: The Complete First and Second Seasons

Leslie (played by John Lehr) is a man who dreams of getting his dad's approval. It becomes too late when his father passes away, but he can carry on the family legacy by running the family grocery store in Ohio. Of course, there will be an adjustment period for the staff at Greens + Grains and Leslie will have to adjust to them as they aren't the brightest bulbs. Together they will try to make a success of the store and make Leslie's father proud.

The Complete First Season:
Episode 1: The New Boss: It seems like saving the Greens + Grains will take a miracle.

Episode 2: The Miracle Worker: The miracle need to save the store appears in the form of a water stain shaped like Jesus.

Episode 3: Health Insurance: When the cost of health premiums go up the only way for Leslie to afford them is to fire one employee.

Episode 4: What Women Want: Leslie attempts to join the Protective and Benevolent Order of the Bisons.

Episode 5: Bag It: After Leslie runs an ad claiming that his store has the fastest baggers Amy (played by Jennifer Elise Cox) challenges him to a 'bag-off".

Special Features: Trailers for Pineapple Express, The House Bunny, Bag Head, and Step Brothers

The Complete Second Season:
Episode 1: Dollar Day: Leslie comes up with a new promotion called "Free Money!"

Episode 2: Forever Young: Buck (played by Greg Davis Jr.) gets drunk at a club and sleeps with a blonde – only he cannot remember who she was.

Episode 3: To Heir is Human: It is the anniversary of his father's death and Leslie holds a memorial service for him in the bread aisle.

Episode 4: First Time: Ingrid (played by Kristen Gronfield) wants to lose her virginity and chooses Leslie to do the deed.

Episode 5: The Bromance: Todd (played by Chris Payne Gilbert) wins five cows in a poker game.

Episode 6: Amy Strikes Back: A compromising video of Amy is posted on the Internet and she is fired from her job.

Episode 7: Illegal Alien: Ingrid's sexy cover shot for the Green + Grains calendar goes over very well with the customers.

Episode 8: The Ren Fair: Leslie does a promotion called "Ye Olde Renaissance Days" and the staff have to dress up as lords and ladies.

Special Features: A Look Behind the Scenes, Notes from the Casting Couch, Coffee Break – Bloopers Reel

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