7th Heaven: The Eighth Season

The Camdens are your average family. That is if your average family had seven kids of all ages, a stay-at-home mom and a father who is a minister. During its lengthy run on television 7th Heaven was a good family show about a family that ran into the problems that your average family did. It was highly relatable. The core of the show is about the family's strong faith and how it helps them to deal with whatever they are faced with.

Episode 1: The Long Bad Summer (Part 1): The Camdens attempt to comfort Simon (played by David Gallagher) after an accident in which a boy was killed.

Episode 2: An Early Fall (Part 2): Mary (played by Jessica Biel) brings Simon back from New York.

Episode 3: PK: Ruthie's (played by Mackenzie Rosman) boyfriend Peter (played by Scotty Leavenworth) is beaten up after he stands up against a boy who is taunting her.

Episode 4: I Wasn't Expecting That!: Ruthie sees Rabbi Glass (played by Richard Lewis) kissing her mother (played by Catherine Hicks).

Episode 5: Simon Camden: Simon finally comes clean about his feelings about his car accident.

Episode 6: Charity Begins at Home: Annie starts getting worn out during her visit to see her sick father.

Episode 7: Getting to Know You: The neighbours cancel for a party that the Camdens plan for a Muslim family.

Episode 8: Baggage: Lucy (played by Beverly Mitchell) is terrible at softball.

Episode 9: Go Ask Alice: Martin (played by Tyler Hoechlin) is accused of being a spy for the new principal.

Episode 10: The One Thing: Matt (played by Barry Watson) and his wife Sarah (played by Sarah Danielle Madison) start their medical rotations on the same day.

Episode 11: When Bad Conversations Happen to Good People: Sarah moves out and Matt is consoled by Rabbi Glass.

Episode 12: The Prodigal Father: Peter is finally getting used to Chandler (played by Jeremy London) dating his mother when his father returns.

Episode 13: Major League: Eric (played by Stephen Collins) interferes when Martin is scouted by a baseball team.

Episode 14: Healing Old Wounds: Peter's father is trying to earn his son's respect.

Episode 15: Don't Speak Ill of the Living or the Dead: Annie is reunited with her sister, Lilly (played by Michelle Phillips).

Episode 16: The Anniversary: Peter's parents attempt going out on a date.

Episode 17: Two Weddings, an Engagement and a Funeral: Eric and Chandler have their hands full with Mrs. Bink's (played by Eileen Brennan) wedding, Lilly's wedding, a potential engagement, and then a tragic event in Annie's family.

Episode 18: Angel: Eric asks Chandler to consider adopting Jeffrey (played by Lorenzo James Henrie).

Episode 19: There's No Place Like It: Eric and Annie try to buy their home from the church.

Episode 20: High and Dry: Ruthie realizes that Peter has lied to her.

Episode 21: Lost and Found: Chandler discovers that being a parent is harder than he thought it would be.

Episode 22: Little White Lies (Part 1): Mary goes into labour.

Episode 23: Little White Lies (Part 2): Matt thinks about asking Sarah for a divorce.

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