Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Season Two

"Good evening"…This 5 disc DVD release, of the television show Alfred Hitchcock literally presented, contains all 39 episodes of season two. I swear the very sound of his voice is both familiar and peculiar, much like each half hour peek into what psychoses lie beneath the mundane. Episodes are a perfect blend of the dry wit and cheekiness for which Hitchcock is famous.

Despite being generally formulaic, the show is affected by the fact that a variety of writers and directors (including Hitchcock himself) produced episodes throughout the season. The result being that you can count on the series to be consistent in genre and theme, but not every episode is equally achieved.

Originally airing in 1956, season two of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" garnered 3 Emmy awards as well as a Golden Globe. Among my favourites were "Wet Saturday" a quick lesson in pinning a murder on an innocent bystander; "Kill with Kindness" the story of a very quirky brother and sister acting with the best of intentions…for themselves; and "One More mile" a nerve racking look at the fine line of getting away with murder.
Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy are among the stars that appear in these half hour tales of crime and punishment.

The packaging of the DVD is quite attractive, if not slightly ill conceived. The DVD's overlap, so you must remove one disc to get to the other. The picture and sound are of good quality, especially when you consider the original airing date. Faced with 5 DVD's, it is disappointing that no interviews or behind-the-scenes footage made its way into this collection. There are, in fact, no special features at all.

The episodes themselves, having stood the test of time, are still a perfect way to add mood to a rainy day.

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