Bad Girls of Film Noir: Volume 1

Strange as it might sound often during the 1940s and 1950s the best roles for women were in B-pictures. As opposed to just being cast as the wife, girlfriend or sweet girl-next-door in film noir of the era they could play cold, calculating temptresses.

The films in this collection are an example of that type of film and they have all been lovingly restored to appear for many of them for the first time on DVD.

The Killer that Stalked New York directed by Early McEvoy:

Released in 1950, Sheila Bennet (played by Evelyn Keyes) is not exactly a girl made of sugar and spice and everything nice. She has helped smuggle diamonds into the country and was double crossed by her boyfriend and her sister, of all people. Sheila has had enough and decides it is time to get even. Doing so she doesn't realize that she is putting herself and others in danger.

Two of a Kind directed by Henry Levin:

Released in 1951, Brandy Kirby (played by Lizbeth Scott) has come up with a cracker of an idea. She just has to find a lookalike for a missing heir in order to complete her inheritance scam. Able to find someone who is willing in a man who was raised in an orphanage, Lefty Farrell (played by Edmond O'Brien). Trouble is looming on the horizon when Brandy's partner-in-crime considers cutting Lefty out of the action and each of the partners weighs double crossing the other.

Bad for Each Other directed by Irving Rapper:

Released in 1953, Dr. Tom Owen (played by Charlton Heston) is a Korean War veteran who is also a surgeon returns home to his coal-mining area and find there are a scant few ways to earn a living. In a legit way, anyways. He does set his sights on socialite-divorcee Helen Curtis (played by Lizbeth Scott) and she invites him into her social circles. His change in scenes worries his mother (played by Mildred Dunnock) and a young, pretty nurse (played by Dianne Foster).

The Glass Wall directed by Maxwell Shane:

Released in 1953, Peter Kaban (played by Vittorio Gassman) is desperate to come to the United States. So much so that he risks his health and freedom by stowing away on a ship and slips by the quarantine in order to find someone to support his move to the country. He wants a visa on human rights grounds. Peter identifies a woman who is going through a rough patch and preys on her. Maggie (played by Gloria Grahame) agrees to help Peter. All this brings her is trouble, however.

Special Features: Original Theatrical Trailers, Terry Moore on Two of a Kind, The Payoff – All Star Theatre Episode

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