Barney Miller: The Complete Second Season

Changes they are a comin' for the detectives of the 12th Precinct. No matter the changes, Barney (played by Hal Linden) remains the glue that holds this crazy place together. What did stick out for me in the episodes is the poor quality of the video. Hopefully they'll fix that in the future.

Episode 1: Doomsday: A bathroom that doesn't work causes much commotion.

Episode 2: Social Worker: Fish's (played by Abe Vigoda) wife worries about him when he cannot remember her name.

Episode 3: The Layoff: Everyone is affected by the layoffs that are beginning to happen.

Episode 4: Ambush: Detective Yemana (played by Jack Soo) is shot.

Episode 5: Heat Wave: Everyone acts a little crazy when a heat wave hits the city.

Episode 6: Arsonist: Having nothing to show for being on the force for 25 years begins to get to Fish.

Episode 7: Grand Hotel: Wentworth (played by Linda Lavin) arrests Lenny "The Confessor" (played by Lenny G. Medalis) without knowing who he is.

Episode 8: Discovery: It's payday and there is no check for Fish.

Episode 9: You Dirty Rat: After chasing a drug dealer Fish passes out in the station.

Episode 10: The Horse Thief: The driver of a handsome cab reports that his horse is missing.

Episode 11: Rain: The heavy rains cause some leaking at the station which gets on everyone's nerves.

Episode 12: Fish: Detective Arthur Dietrich (played by Steve Landesberg) is assigned to the station after the layoffs.

Episode 13: Hot Dogs: Two female officers arrest a drug dealer while they are off duty and want the credit for the arrest.

Episode 14: Protection: Everyone is freezing at the precinct because the furnace is broken.

Episode 15: Happy New Year: The men are all at the precinct working on New Year's Eve.

Episode 16: The Sniper: Wojo (played by Max Gail) and Luger (played by James Gregory) are the targets of a sniper.

Episode 17: Fear of Flying: Wojo has to escort a man to Cleveland to stand trial but that is complicated as he has a fear of flying.

Episode 18: Block Party: Harris (played by Ron Glass) is having trouble writing his human interest column.

Episode 19: Massage Parlor: Fish is given an undercover assignment at a massage parlor.

Episode 20: The Psychiatrist: Wojo is accused of uttering threats to a suspect.

Episode 21: The Kid: The detectives all wonder how Barney broke his foot.

Episode 22: The Mole: Barney encourages Wojo to take the sargeant's exam.

Special Features: Previews for Dynamic Duos (TV) and Close Encounters of the Third Kind: Ultimate Edition, Minisodes of Charlie's Angels – Angels in Chains and The Facts of Life – Growing Pains

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