Benson: The Complete First Season

The new Governor Eugene Gatling (James Noble – Chances Are, Airplane II: The Sequel) needs someone to manage his household and his cousin Jessica Tate (Katherine Helmond – from television's Who's the Boss) sends over her butler to help him out. Benson Dubois (Robert Guillaume – from television's Soap) is a man whose quick brain is matched only by the quickness of his tongue. He suffers no fools. Benson finds himself not only running the house, but helping with the Governor's daughter, Katie (Missy Gold – appeared in episodes of Trapper John, M.D. and Eight is Enough), managing the love life of secretary Marcy (Caroline McWilliams – Mermaids) and staying out the way of the stern housekeeper, Gretchen (Inga Swenson – appeared in episodes of Bonanza and Soap).

Disc One:
Episode 1: Change: Jessica Tate sends her butler Benson Dubois to her widowed cousin Eugene Gatling the new governor of the state as he is in desperate need of help running his household.

Episode 2: Trust Me: Benson fears for his job after Katie sneaks out to a rock concert.

Episode 3: The President's Double: After a failed assassination attempt on the visiting president of an African country takes place, Benson is put up as his double. The gunmen are now trying to kill Benson.

Episode 4: Benson in Love: Benson is in a relationship with a woman not realizing that she is a state senator.

Episode 5: Conflict of Interest: Katie's school play and an important political event fall on the same evening and Governor Gatling is forced to choose between the two.

Episode 6: The Layoff: Benson is forced to fire some of the household staff when the Governor decides to enact some cutbacks.

Episode 7: Snowbound: A terrible blizzard traps Benson and the rest of the staff in the Governor's winter cottage.

Episode 8: Jessica: A senator lets something slip to the press and Benson is forced to help his former boss, Jessica Tate, get away from the press and avoid a scandal.

Special Features:
-Video Introduction by Robert Guillaume
-Inside the Governor's Mansion: Remembering the First Season of Benson

Disc Two:
Episode 9: Don't Quote Me: A not-so-nice comment by the Governor about a senator gets out and Benson is given the task of finding the leak.

Episode 10: War Stories: Benson introduces Marcy to his army buddy, Eddie (Mark Goddard – Lost in Space – 1998, Roller Boogie), not knowing that Eddie is actually married.

Episode 11: Ghost Story: A séance indicates that the Governor's mansion is haunted by a former governor who was murdered.

Episode 12: Taylor's Bid: The Governor is in a state of panic when his aide, John Taylor (Lewis J. Stadlen – In & Out, The Verdict), quits to run for public office.

Episode 13: One Strike, You're Out: The Governor refuses to give the household staff a raise and they walk out on him. It is once again Benson to the rescue.

Episode 14: Just Friends: In order to keep a secret Benson tries to dissuade the Governor from doing business with a wealthy businessman.

Episode 15: Chain of Command: The Governor is ill and his second-in-command, John Taylor, lets the power go to his head until Benson steps in. Guest appearance by Jerry Seinfeld.

Episode 16: Bugging the Governor: Someone has bugged the Governor's mansion and Benson sets out to find out who.

Disc Three:
Episode 17: Kraus Affair: Gretchen likes the butcher, but is too shy, so Benson steps in.

Episode 18: Checkmate: A Russian chess prodigy, Alexi (Meeno Peluce – The Amityville Horror), goes missing and the Russians threaten military action if he is not found.

Episode 19: Cold Storage: Benson and Kraus are locked in a freezer and have to go to great lengths to keep warm.

Episode 20: Old Man Gatling: The Governor's father (David Huddleston – The Producers – 2005, The Big Lebowski) comes for a visit and everything changes in the house.

Episode 21: Power Play: The Governor receives a gift he could have never expected from an angry environmentalist.

Episode 22: Takin' It to the Streets: The Governor brings Benson along to a seedy bar in order to try and figure out what the average person wants. A fight nearly breaks out between the Governor and a man who doesn't recognize him.

Episode 23: The Army Wants You: According to army records Benson Dubois died during the Korean War. Everyone is now suspicious of Benson.

Episode 24: Marcy's Vacation: Marcy does not want to take a vacation as she worries that the temp will be better than her at the job and she will get fired.

Special Features:
-Favorites From the First Season
-Photo gallery
-Previews of God Grew Tired of Us, Stomp the Yard, Norman Lear TV, and Great TV Families

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