Boston Legal: Season Three

Both funny and dramatic, Boston Legal (from the clever mind of David E. Kelley) has caught on with viewers and critics alike. This quirky (to say the least) courtroom drama has been nominated for Best Dramatic Series at the 2007 Emmy Awards and gets millions of viewers a week tuning in to see what those crazy lawyers are up to next. It is of such high quality that Kelley was able to attract such well-respected actors as William Shatner, James Spader and Candice Bergen to be regulars and well-known actors like Michael J. Fox, Parker Posey, Megan Mullally, Tom Selleck, and Bernadette Peters to do guest spots.

It is David E. Kelley's spin-off of The Practice and yes, it is about a legal firm and its cases, but that is where the similarities end. If you are tired of regular run of the mill television then check this series out.

Episode 1: Can't We All Get a Lung?: Denise (played by Julie Bowen) and Shirley (played by Candice Bergen) defend their client Daniel Post (played by Michael J. Fox) when his scheme to buy a lung falls through.

Episode 2: New Kids on the Block: New lawyer Jeffrey Coho (played by Craig Bierko) takes on a high profile murder case.

Episode 3: Desperately Seeking Shirley: Denny (played by William Shatner) goes up against his petite foe, Bethany (played by Meredith Eaton).

Episode 4: Fine Young Cannibal: The Scott Little (played by Ashton Holmes) case grabs the entire city's attention.

Episode 5: Whose God is it Anyway?: Denny's feelings for Bethany grow.

Episode 6: The Verdict: Alan (played by James Spader) renews his relationship with Sally (played by Lake Bell), but feels something is missing.

Episode 7: Trick or Treat: Alan defends Jerry Espenson (played by Christian Clemenson) yet again. This time for perjury.

Episode 8: Lincoln: Denny is at his wits end over a new client's, Lincoln Meyer (played by David Dean Bottrell), behaviour.

Episode 9: On the Ledge: Lincoln Meyer has taken Shirley prisoner and the search is on for her.

Episode 10: The Nutcrackers: Denny represents the mother of an anorexic girl seeking emancipation.

Episode 11: Angel of Death: Alan and Denny travel to New Orleans to defend a doctor (played by Ann Cusak) who euthanized five patients during Hurricane Katrina.

Episode 12: Nuts: Denny finds out his name is on the Federal No-Fly list and takes on Homeland Security over it.

Episode 13: Dumping Bella: Brad (played by Mark Valley) has second thoughts about his relationship with Denise.

Episode 14: Selling Sickness: Denise discovers that she is pregnant but wonders who the father is.

Episode 15: Fat Burner: Clarence (played by Gary Anthony Williams) tries his first case.

Episode 16: The Good Lawyer: Alan tries two different but ridiculous cases.

Episode 17: The Bride Wore Blood: Denny does not understand why Bethany thinks he is a bigot.

Episode 18: Son of the Defender: A man who has a grudge against Denny takes the entire firm hostage.

Episode 19: Brotherly Love: Brad is refusing to sign a contract and it could cost him his job.

Episode 20: Guise 'n Dolls: Alan goes up against Jerry Espenson in a case about a department store selling sexually explicit dolls to kids.

Episode 21: Tea and Sympathy: Denny is attracted to a judge (played by Gail O'Grady) who is up against drug charges.

Episode 22: Guantanamo by the Bay: Jerry Espenson begs Shirley for his old job back.

Episode 23: Duck and Cover: Jerry defends a woman being evicted due to her unusual pet.

Episode 24: Trial of the Century: Alan and Denny defend two brothers accused of murdering their abusive father.

Special Features: Out of Order?, Character Witness

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