Burn Notice: Season 1 and 2 DVD Set

What could make for better television than rogue spies and women in bikinis? Not much, I say. Miami is the setting and spying is the game.

A spy has gotten his 'burn notice' (that is you're fired in spy talk) and decides to return to his hometown of Miami. He is out of money and wants to get to the bottom of who had him 'burned'. To make some money he takes some freelance jobs as a detective.

Watching this television show you get humour, espionage, action, twists, and suspense. Former CIA operative Michael Weston (played by Jeffrey Donovan) has been blacklisted in the intelligence community and has to rely on his training to somehow get his stolen identity back. He is helped with that goal by his ex-girlfriend Fiona (played by Gabrielle Anwar), a former IRA affiliate herself. Michael does have to get to the bottom of who burned him before it is too late.

Season One:
Episode 1: Pilot: Spy Michael Weston is 'burned' and dumped in Miami with no money or resources.

Episode 2: Identity: Michael makes a deal with Madeline to help her friend Laura in exchange for information about two men who were inquiring about him.

Episode 3: Fight or Flight: Oleg asks Michael to help his best waitress, who is no longer showing up for work after witnessing a drug dealer beat up a man.

Episode 4: Old Friends: There are several attempts on Michael's life.

Episode 5: Family Business: The FBI puts plenty of pressure on Sam to get some information on Michael.

Episode 6: Unpaid Debts: A CSS agent warns Michael to stop looking for who had him 'burned'.

Episode 7: Broken Rules: Michael goes undercover as a thief to try to get information on a Miami area crime organization that is going after a store owner.

Episode 8: Wanted Man: Michael helps Fiona help a man wrongly accused of theft.

Episode 9: Hard Bargain: Nick hires Michael to find his fiancée, who has been kidnapped.

Episode 10: False Flag: Michael is hired by a woman wanting him to find her ex husband who has disappeared with their son.

Episode 11: Dead Drop, Part 1: Michael tries to meet with the man he thinks had him 'burned', Phillip Cowan.

Episode 12: Loose Ends, Part 2: Michael tries to elude the agents who killed Phillip Cowan.

Season Two:
Episode 1: Breaking and Entering: Michael is recruited by the same people who burned him.

Episode 2: Turn and Burn: A waitress named Sophia (played by Jacqueline Pinol) who is being stalked by a cartel soldier needs Michael's help.

Episode 3: Trust Me: Michael helps Andy, a man fooled into investing in a fake Cuban nightclub and now has loan sharks after him.

Episode 4: Comrades: Michael comes to the aide of a waitress who has a sister who was smuggled into the United States by gangsters.

Episode 5: Scatter Point: Michael is asked to help an ex wheelman who has gone straight.

Episode 6: Bad Blood: An old friend comes to Michael for help when he is thought to have embezzled money from a hip hop mogul.

Episode 7: Rough Seas: Michael is hired to find a million dollars worth of pharmaceuticals that was stolen by thieves on their way to Tanzania.

Episode 8: Double Booked: Someone from Michael's past hires him to kill a woman.

Episode 9: Good Soldier: Michael poses as a disgruntled bodyguard in order to try and stop a kidnapping plot.

Episode 10: Do No Harm: Michael stops a man from committing suicide because his son suffers from a heart condition.

Episode 11: Hot Spot: To procure free football tickets, Sam (played by Bruce Campbell) gets Michael to help him by helping Coach Sean Martin who is coaching a player being threatened by a gangster.

Episode 12: Seek and Destroy: Michael is hired to investigate strange goings on at an art gallery.

Episode 13: Bad Breaks: Michael is trapped inside a privately owned bank during an armed robbery.

Episode 14: Truth and Reconciliation: After being pressured by Sam and Fiona, Michael helps to bring a Haitian murderer to justice.

Episode 15: Sins of Omission: Michael's ex-fiancée wants his help in freeing her son, who has been kidnapped.

Episode 16: Lesser Evil: Michael learns what is behind Victor's (played by Michael Shanks) behaviour and how he is connected to Carla (played by Tricia Helfer) after capturing him.

Special Features: NIXing it Up, Deleted Scenes, Boom Notice, Gag Reel, Characters Montage, Action Scenes Montage, Girls Gone Burn Notice Montage, Audition Footage

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