Cannon: Season One – Volume Two

Private investigator Frank Cannon (played by William Conrad) has a unique way of getting to the bottom of his cases. This gourmet food connoisseur, pipe smoking, tough talking guy can dole out the physical punishment to back up his talk. The writing is good, Conrad is perfect in the role and there are plenty of young stars who do guest spots on the series, such as Martin Sheen, Daniel J. Travanti and Leif Garrett. Conrad makes this gruff character quite likeable.

Episode 11: Stone Cold Dead: A closed case is reopened and a Vietnam War veteran is charged with murder.

Episode 12: Death is a Double Cross: The father-in-law of the groom has his suspicions about him.

Episode 13: The Nowhere Man: An accountant uses nerve gas to teach everyone a lesson.

Episode 14: Flight Plan: Cannon is on the case for a political refugee.

Episode 15: Devil's Playground: An ex-cop wants to kill the man who maimed him.

Episode 16: Treasure of San Ignacio: After a tough day at the track a race car driver wants revenge.

Episode 17: Blood on the Vine: Mike Tampa (played by Theodore Bikel), a vineyard owner, has had three attempts on his life and so he hires Cannon to get to the bottom of it.

Episode 18: To Kill a Guinea Pig: A frightened medical researcher is forced to kill an inmate who is part of a research project.

Episode 19: The Island Caper: An ex-con is blackmailed to perform one more heist.

Episode 20: A Deadly Quiet Town: Larry Bolinger (played by John Rubenstein) manages to get the youth of a town into his cult.

Episode 21: A Flight of Hawks: A pilot seemingly commits suicide.

Episode 22: The Torch: A textile manufacturer is charged with arson and murder after his factory is torched and his wife perishes in the ensuing fire.

Episode 23: Cain's Mark: An illegal arms dealer goes to war against his own brother.

Episode 24: Murder by Moonlight: A prisoner is forced to do what a crime boss wants him to do.

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