Carlos Mencia: Performance Enhanced – Extended and Uncensored

No topic is out of bounds for this fearless comedian. Carlos Mencia broaches the subjects of a black President in the United States, gays in the military and women who like jerks. Mencia has something to say about everything; there is no where he won't go.

Fresh off his "Mind of Mencia" Carlos Mencia is not a comedian for those easily offended. He has no boundaries and will insult anyone. There is nothing politically correct about this guy. The comedy is just as rough as his language.

The Hard Rock Hotel Theatre in Florida is jam packed and his crowd laughs riotously at every topic he broaches. His style onstage is one of a frenzied, stream of consciousness approach. Mencia continues on about what he thinks about the n-word, his trip to Iraq and almost anything else under the sun.

Bonus Features:
-Carlos Mencia's Appearance on MTV's Cribs
-Additional "Bean Carlos" Segment from Mind of Mencia
-Previews of Comedy Central's Funhouse: Uncensored, South Park: The Complete Eleventh Season – Uncensored and Without a Paddle: Nature's Calling
-Comedy Central Quickies

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