Casino Royale: 40th Anniversary Edition

Farce, farce and more farce. Making fun of the whole James Bond character and spy films is what this one is all about. Don't even bother comparing this film to the Bond films as you will be disappointed. It is completely different.

James Bond (David Niven – The Pink Panther – 1963, The Guns of Navarone), the greatest spy in the world, is now retired and is none too happy that M (John Huston – Chinatown, Battle for the Planet of the Apes) has replaced him with the violent James Bond 007 (Peter Sellers – Being There, Revenge of the Pink Panther). M tells James that many spies worldwide have been killed and begs him to help them. James refuses, so M has his house and grounds destroyed. James finally agrees to help.

Le Chiffre (Orson Welles – Citizen Kane, MacBeth) is responsible for all the spies that have been killed. James decides to recruit six more James Bonds in order to confuse the enemy. He has to battle with female operatives and exploding chickens in order to try and get his man.

Simple. The good guys are trying to get the bad guys and there are plenty of laughs in the midst of all that. It is quite cool to see David Niven and Peter Sellers together again. Though it is quite dated in parts there still are some things that will make you laugh if you are in a silly mood. A definite 60s feel to it.

Special Features:
-The Making of Casino Royale
-Theatrical trailer
-Photo gallery

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