Classic Western Round-Up: Volume 1

You can pretend you are right there in the Wild West with all the punch-ups, shoot outs and affairs of the heart going on. There is no connection between these four films other than they happen in the West and have cowboys in them. They will, however, remind you that the Western was king for a time in Hollywood.

The Texas Rangers directed by King Vidor:

Two stagecoach robbers, Wahoo Jones (played by Jack Oakie) and Jim Hawkins (played by Fred MacMurray), have no choice but to join the Texas Rangers in order to not be captured by the law. Once part of the Rangers they begin looking for their partner Sam McGee (played by Lloyd Nolan). Once they find him they start feeding him inside information they gather from the other Rangers. The longer they are with the group the more they find themselves acting like true Rangers. Will the pull to the good side be greater than the allure of the evil?

Canyon Passage directed by Jacques Tourneur:

Logan Stewart (played by Dana Andrews) runs a pack-mule express and has his hands full as his partner, George Camrose (played by Brian Donlevy), is a compulsive gambler. He also has to deal with a bad guy, Honey Bragg (played by Ward Bond), trying to get him and two women, Lucy (played by Susan Hayward) and Caroline (Patricia Roc), romantically interested in him. Trouble really starts to brew as he escorts Caroline to a remote Oregon town.

Kansas Raiders directed by Ray Enright:

Jesse James (played by Audie Murphy) and his brothers join forces with William Quantrill (played by Brain Donlevy) and his loutish Raiders to try and save the Confederacy.

The Lawless Breed directed by Raoul Walsh:

Infamous outlaw John Wesley Hardin (played by Rock Hudson) is released from jail and begins to tell his life story to a local newspaper.

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