Dawson’s Creek: The Complete Series

For those of us who are now in our mid-20s this was the preeminent teen soap of our day. We grew up with the kids in the Creek. The show made Joshua Jackson, Katie Holmes and Michelle Williams stars and was the jumping off point for them to go on and have successful careers up until today. The show did not have any stories that we hadn't already seen like love, sex, addiction, career choices, and friendship, but it was presented in such a way that we felt involved in the stories and could relate to what these small town young people were going through.

Season One:
Episode 1: Dawson's Creek: Teenage hormones kick in and the friendship between Dawson (played by James Van der Beek) and Joey (played by Katie Holmes) is in flux.

Episode 2: Dance: Pacey (played by Joshua Jackson) is hot for teacher – Miss Jacobs (played by Leann Hunley).

Episode 3: Kiss: A day of a lot of firsts.

Episode 4: Discovery: Dawson and Pacey both have eye opening experiences.

Episode 5: Hurricane: Much of Capeside is damaged by a hurricane.

Episode 6: Baby: Joey's sister (played by Nina Repeta) gives birth to a baby.

Episode 7: Detention: Dawson, Joey, Pacy and Jen (played by Michelle Williams) get Saturday detention.

Episode 8: Boyfriend: Jen has to make a choice between Dawson and her ex-boyfriend (played by Eion Bailey).

Episode 9: Road Trip: The boys go away on a male bonding trip.

Episode 10: The Scare: It's Friday the 13th and strange things happen.

Episode 11: Double Date: Jen is dating Cliff (played by Scott Foley).

Episode 12: Beauty Contest: Both Joey and Pacey compete in the Miss Windjammer Beauty Pageant.

Episode 13: Decisions: Joey considers going away to study in France.

Season Two:
Episode 1: The Kiss: Dawson and Joey start officially dating.

Episode 2: Crossroads: Dawson is so wrapped up in his relationship with Joey that he forgets Pacey's birthday.

Episode 3: Alternative Lifestyles: Pacey finds out that Andie's (played by Meredith Monroe) family is not as well off as he thought.

Episode 4: Tamara's Return: Joey tries to create a life without Dawson.

Episode 5: Full Moon Rising: Dawson demands the truth from his parents about their marriage.

Episode 6: The Dance: The homecoming dance brings Andie and Pacey together and tears Joey and Dawson apart.

Episode 7: The All-Nighter: An all-night study session brings with it plenty of tension amidst the friends.

Episode 8: The Reluctant Hero: Andie tries to help Pacey get his life together.

Episode 9: The Election: Jen tries to get Dawson to loosen up.

Episode 10: High Risk Behavior: Pacey and Andie discuss having sex.

Episode 11: Sex, She Wrote: An unsigned letter reveals that a couple is having sex…but which one?

Episode 12: Unchartered Waters: Gail's (played by Mary-Margaret Humes) latest report brings about some friction between Joey and Jen.

Episode 13: The Leading Lady: Dawson's new film really mirrors his own life and especially his relationship with Joey.

Episode 14: To Be Or Not To Be…: An insensitive teacher makes Jack (played by Kerr Smith) read a poem out loud that reveals that he is gay.

Episode 15: …That is the Question: Cruel rumours about Jack's sexuality continue to circulate.

Episode 16: Be Careful What You Wish For: Dawson and Andie show up drunk at Dawson's surprise birthday party.

Episode 17: Psychic Friends: Joey is interested in a guy who is actually interested in Jack.

Episode 18: A Perfect Wedding: A wedding forces Joey to face what her family's reputation is in Capeside.

Episode 19: Abby Morgan, Rest In Peace: When Abby (played by Monica Keena) drowns if causes Jen to lose faith in everything.

Episode 20: Reunited: Pacey believes that Andie is seeing someone else.

Episode 21: Ch…Ch…Ch…Ch…Changes: Andie and Jack's father is insisting that they move away from Capeside.

Episode 22: Parental Discretion Advised: Pacey faces off against his father (played by John Finn).

Season Three:
Episode 1: Like a Virgin: Dawson returns to Capeside after a summer away.

Episode 2: Homecoming: Pacey finds out that Andie did sleep with someone else.

Episode 3: None of the Above: Dawson does not know what to do when Eve (played by Brittany Daniel) gives him an advance copy of a college entrance exam.

Episode 4: Home Movies: Dawson shoots a documentary about Jack.

Episode 5: Indian Summer: Dawson tries to figure out who and what Eve is.

Episode 6: Secrets + Lies: Andie tries her best to win Pacey back.

Episode 7: Escape from Witch Island: Dawson gets his friends to help with a documentary he wants to film about the local legend of Witch Island.

Episode 8: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner: Jen's mom (played by Mel Harris) makes a surprise appearance in Capeside.

Episode 9: Four to Tango: Dawson thinks that there is something going on between Joey and Pacey.

Episode 10: First Encounters of the Close Kind: While in Boston, Jack checks out the city's gay scene and Andie and Joey check out colleges.

Episode 11: Barefoot at Capefest: Jack searches for his first gay "experience".

Episode 12: A Weekend in the Country: Pacey brings in an influential travel writer to review Joey's sister's new inn.

Episode 13: Northern Lights: Joey starts dating a college student.

Episode 14: The Valentine's Day Massacre: Pacey convinces everyone to attend a wild Valentine's Day party.

Episode 15: Crime and Punishment: Someone defaces the mural Joey has painted at school and Pacey wants revenge.

Episode 16: To Green, With Love: Joey tries to get her friends and family to back Capeside High's principal when he gets in trouble.

Episode 17: Cinderella Story: Dawson pitches in when his mother opens a restaurant.

Episode 18: Neverland: Pacey tries to come clean with Dawson about his feelings for Joey.

Episode 19: Stolen Kisses: Andie falls for Pacey's old friend.

Episode 20: The Longest Day: Joey and Pacey finally tell Dawson about them.

Episode 21: Show Me Love: During a regatta Pacey and Dawson compete for Joey's attention.

Episode 22: The Anti-Prom: Dawson puts together a different kind of junior prom.

Episode 23: True Love: Dawson realizes that it is time that he gets out of Joey's way for her good.

Season Four:
Episode 1: Coming Home: Pacey and Joey return to Capeside after spending the entire summer sailing around on Pacey's boat.

Episode 2: Failing Down: Pacey is on the verge of not passing his final year of high school.

Episode 3: Two Gentlemen of Capeside: A hurricane is coming and so Dawson and Joey go out on a boat to try and save Pacey and Jen.

Episode 4: Future Tense: Drue (played by Mark Matkevich) organizes a fake birthday party for Jen.

Episode 5: A Family Way: Dawson finds out that his mother is pregnant.

Episode 6: Great Expectations: Andie is in trouble when she parties too hard after finding out she has been accepted to Harvard.

Episode 7: You Had Me at Goodby: Andie tries to bring all her friends together before she leaves for college.

Episode 8: The Unusual Suspects: Dawson, Pacey and Jack are the main suspects when someone pulls off a senior prank.

Episode 9: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: Dawson looks to Mr. Brooks (played by Harve Presnell) for advice on whether he should pursue his dream of being a director.

Episode 10: Self-Reliance: Pacey wants his relationship to move forward.

Episode 11: The Tao of Dawson: Pacey tries to stop Dawson pursuing his sister (played by Sasha Alexander).

Episode 12: The Te of Pacey: Joey's surprise birthday party for Pacey does not go well.

Episode 13: Hopeless: Dawson is not looking forward to meeting Gretchen's friends.

Episode 14: A Winter's Tale: Sex is the focus of the senior class's ski trip for Pacey and Joey.

Episode 15: Four Stories: Pacey and Joey try to analyze what it means now that they've had sex.

Episode 16: Mind Games: Jen gets Jack to help her spy on her therapist.

Episode 17: Admissions: Joey's not excited about college when she finds out how much it is going to cost.

Episode 18: Eastern Standard Time: Dawson and Gretchen hit the road for a trip to Maine.

Episode 19: Late: Joey believes that she is pregnant.

Episode 20: Promicide: The prom is the potential end of one relationship while it is the beginning of another.

Episode 21: Separation Anxiety: Dawson has to make a decision when Gretchen decides to go back to college.

Episode 22: The Graduate: It is graduation for the class of 2001.

Episode 23: Coda: Dawson gets ready to leave for college.

Season Five:
Episode 1: The Bostonians: Joey, Jen, and Jack have left Capeside to go to school in Boston.

Episode 2: The Lost Weekend: Jen gives romance another go.

Episode 3: Capeside Revisited: Dawson's dad does not support his decision to drop out of film school.

Episode 4: The Long Goodbye: Dawson tries to keep things together after his father dies.

Episode 5: Use Your Disillusion: Joey gets ready for a visit from Dawson.

Episode 6: High Anxiety: Dawson sees a psychiatrist while in Boston about his anxiety attacks.

Episode 7: Text, Lies, and Videotape: Dawson's therapy continues.

Episode 8: Hotel New Hampshire: Dawson invites Jen to go with him to New Hampshire for a weekend.

Episode 9: Four Scary Stories: Jen asks her audience for their scary stories while working the Halloween night overnight shift at the radio station.

Episode 10: Appetite for Destruction: Dawson and Jen return home to surprise dinner.

Episode 11: Something Wild: Jen tries to talk Dawson into moving to Boston.

Episode 12: Sleeping Arrangements: Jack discovers that he is not as accepted in his fraternity as he thought.

Episode 13: Something Wilder: Dawson begins film school.

Episode 14: Guerilla Filmmaking: Joey does not know what to think about her feelings for Professor Wilder (played by Ken Marino).

Episode 15: Downtown Crossing: Joey is mugged and then ends up helping her mugger.

Episode 16: In a Lonely Place: Jen and Pacey get some love advice from a pair of musicians.

Episode 17: Highway to Hell: Dawson's return to Capeside reveals things about his mom and Jen.

Episode 18: Cigarette Burns: By accident Dawson insults a film critic just before she goes in to review his film.

Episode 19: 100 Light Years From Home: The gang goes on a spring break trip to Florida.

Episode 20: Separate Ways (Worlds Apart): Joey is facing a big decision.

Episode 21: After Hours: Dawson sleeps with the film critic.

Episode 22: The Abby: It is the end of the school year.

Episode 23: Swan Song: Everyone ends up at the airport at the same time.

Season Six:
Episode 1: The Kids Are Alright: The end of summer seems to rekindle Joey and Dawson romance.

Episode 2: The Song Remains the Same: Dawson's sunmmertime romance in Los Angeles ruins his present one.

Episode 3: The Importance of Not Being Too Earnest: Pacey's first week at his new job teaches him plenty.

Episode 4: Instant Karma: Audrey (played by Busy Philipps) catches Pacey in a lie.

Episode 5: The Imposters: Dawson tries his best to keep Natasha (played by Bianca Kajlich) in the film.

Episode 6: Living Dead Girl: Dawson thinks that a ghost is haunting the set.

Episode 7: Ego Tripping at the Gate of Hell: Audrey's drinking is getting out of control.

Episode 8: Spiderwebs: Jen tries to get Pacey and his girlfriend back together at a No Doubt concert.

Episode 9: Everything Put Together Falls Apart: Joey spends the night at Eddie's (played by Oliver Hudson) and that might put her scholarship at risk.

Episode 10: Merry Mayhem: Audrey's drinking puts a damper on the Leery family's Christmas dinner.

Episode 11: Day Out of Days: Joey is back in Boston and Dawson's film is ending.

Episode 12: All the Right Moves: Audrey is given a second chance.

Episode 13: Rock Bottom: Joey and Eddie drive Audrey cross-country to bring her to rehab.

Episode 14: Clean and Sober: Pacey and Jack throw a party.

Episode 15: Castaways: Pacey and Joey end up locked inside a store for a night.

Episode 16: That Was Then: Dawson goes back to Capeside High to give a talk to a film class about his career.

Episode 17: Sex and Violence: Joey takes on the job as Pacey's assistant.

Episode 18: Love Bites: When Eddie returns unexpectedly Joey does not know what to do.

Episode 19: Lovelines: There are problems aplenty between Joey and Eddie, Jack and David and Jen and C.J. (played by Michael Pitt).

Episode 20: Catch – 22: After the stock market crashes Pacey's life comes tumbling down with it.

Episode 21: Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road: Jen tries to get her mom involved in Grams' battle with cancer.

Episode 22: Joey Potter and the Capeside Redemption: The future of Dawson's film doesn't look good so Joey rallies the Capeside gang to help out.

Episode 23: All Good Things…: It is now five years into the future.

Episode 24: …Must Come to An End: How serious Jen's heart condition is becomes painfully apparent.

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