Deadliest Warriors: Season One

While most of us here have never heard of this show it is presented in the United States by Spike TV. The concept is that they take some of the most feared warriors ever in human history and face them off against one another. Using the technology and science available to us now the experts analyze the skill set and weapons that each of these fierce warriors brings to the table. All with the goal of finding out who is the deadliest warrior.

Episode 1: Apache vs. Gladiator: The gladiator's sole purpose was to kill vs. the original American special forces fighter – the Apache.

Episode 2: Viking vs. Samurai: The battle-crazed Viking who terrorized Europe vs. the lightening fast samurai.

Episode 3: Spartan vs. Ninja: Battlefield butcher from ancient Greece – the Spartan vs. history's most famous hitmen – the ninja.

Episode 4: Pirate vs. Knight: Murderous killer of the high seas – the pirate vs. middle ages battle tank – the knight.

Episode 5: Yakuza vs. Mafia: Cruel warlords of Japan's underworld – the yakuza vs. Sicilian crime force that dominated New York – the mafia.

Episode 6: Green Beret vs. Spetsnaz: One of America's most elite soldiers – the green beret vs. Russia's top secret commandos – the Spetsnaz.

Episode 7: Shaolin Monk vs. Maori Warrior: The ultimate kung-fu killing machine of China – the Shaolin monk vs. blood thirsty brute – the Maori warrior.

Episode 8: William Wallace vs. Shaka Zulu: The legendary Scottish rebel – William Wallace vs. African Zulu leader – Shaka Zulu.

Episode 9: I.R.A. vs. Taliban: Hard lined religious zealots – the Taliban vs. home grown freedom fighters – the I.R.A.

Special Features: Season One – Wrap Up, The Aftermath, Producer's Roundtable, The Aftermath

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