Dennis the Menace: Trouble, Trouble Everywhere

Most people are at least familiar with the little cartoon character who is always getting into trouble. He isn't called Dennis the Menace for nothing. He tires out his parents and downright aggravates his next door neighbour Mr. Wilson. All this and he is only 5-years-old.

When Dennis's parents decide to go on a family vacation everywhere they go Dennis seems to cause some kind of trouble. Whether in Hawaii, South America, Australia or Spain Dennis leaves a path of destruction behind him.

Episode 1: Dennis in Venice: While in Venice Dennis and Gina chase after the crooks who stole the Mona Lisa.

Episode 2: Mayan Mayhem: Dennis and Mr. Wilson get on the wrong plane and end up in South America being chased by Mayans.

Episode 3: The Big Candied Apple: While the Mitchells are in New York Dennis is up to his usual shenanigans.

Episode 4: A Royal Pain: Dennis in Buckingham Palace equals trouble.

Episode 5: Dennis and the Kangaroo Calvary: The Mitchells and the Wilsons go to Sydney at the same time that wild kangaroos invade the city.

Episode 6: Dennis Plasters Pamplona: While in Pamplona, Dennis accidentally releases the bulls one day before the famous Running of the Bulls.

Episode 7: Black and Blue Hawaii: While the Mitchells are in Hawaii a volcano erupts.

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