Dexter: The Third Season – Blu-ray Edition

Dexter, the serial killer who kills serial killers, is back and still going about his mission of ridding the world of killers. Except for himself, of course. Dexter has faced his dark side and accepted it. He now has put the past behind him and is looking forward to a better (more killing) and brighter (continuing his relationship with girlfriend, Rita) future. With his job, love life and killing he certainly has a full plate.

Episode 1: Our Father: Deb (played by Jennifer Carpenter) is approached by Internal Affairs to turn on one of her fellow detectives.

Episode 2: Finding Freebo: Dexter (played by Michael C. Hall) continues his hunt for Freebo (played by Mike Erwin) knowing that he is still in town.

Episode 3: The Lion Sleeps Tonight: Dexter is still trying to figure out what role he will play in his baby's life.

Episode 4: All in the Family: After already failing once at proposing to Rita (played by Julie Benz), Dexter tries to convince her that his intentions are out of love not convenience.

Episode 5: Turning Biminese: Rita wants Dexter to move in with her and the kids, which causes him plenty of anxiety.

Episode 6: Si Se Puede: Deb begins to feel guilty when the people she questions in relation to her latest case start turning up dead.

Episode 7: Easy As Pie: Miguel (played by Jimmy Smits) gives Dexter a new target.

Episode 8: The Damage a Man Can Do: Deb confronts Quinn (played by Desmond Harrington) about his dodgy past.

Episode 9: About Last Night: Dexter realizes that teaching the code to Miguel was a mistake.

Episode 10: Go Your Own Way: Dexter and Miguel begin a game of cat and mouse.

Episode 11: I Had a Dream: Dexter has a hard time distancing himself from Miguel as he is his Best Man.

Episode 12: Do You Take Dexter Morgan?: The day before Dexter and Rita are to be married Miguel's dead body is discovered.

Special Features: BD-Live

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