Disney’s Princess Stories: Volume Two DVD

Disney's "Princess Stories: Volume Two" DVD presents a collection of inspiring tales that teaches children the importance of friendship, whether it be found in the clouds, or below the sea. In the first story, princess Jasmine talks about the day the Magic Carpet (of the Disney film "Aladdin") proved that he was a true friend to Aladdin and the gang. One day, Aladdin meets a group of sprites that provide him with the power to fly, without the help of the Magic Carpet. In turn, Aladdin forgets about Carpet, which leaves Carpet feeling unloved and weeded out. Then to Aladdin's surprise, the sprites get out of hand and Carpet saves the day. Aladdin realizes what a fool he has been and makes amends with Carpet. Snow White's story is particularly interesting because it uses clips from the original Disney feature film. The viewer moves through the story by turning virtual pages. An interactive component prompts the viewer to help Dopey the dwarf make a decision by choosing one of two reactions he could have to the situation at hand, thus affecting the outcome of the story. The final story features Ariel and friends of "The Little Mermaid" fame. Ursula, the evil sea urchin, casts a spell on Ariel's collection of human artifacts. Ariel must destroy her precious possessions in order to protect the underwater kingdom and its inhabitants. Ariel is devastated because her collection triggers so many memories of times shared with her close friends. Ariel learns that it's not the objects that are important, it is the memories themselves, which will always exist even if the objects disappear.

Special Features:

– Princess Academy Set-Top Game: fashion is a very important part of being a princess. The viewer must figure out which fashion accessory each Disney princess is missing.
– Friendship Wreath Craft Activity: a step by step demonstration of a craft project that is great to do with friends.
– "Where Dreams Begin" music video.

The perfect accompaniment to "Princess Stories: Volume Two" is Disney's "Princess Party: Volume Two". This DVD is packed with games and activities that every little princess will enjoy. Viewers can play alone or in teams, making this DVD the perfect party pleaser. On top of fun activities, "Princess Party: Volume Two" also includes "Where Dreams Begin" music video to sing and dance to, as well as two stories perfect for relaxation time. In "Sandswitch", Princess Jasmine (of Disney's "Aladdin") is put under a spell and switches places with a beggar. Will anyone notice the switch? Or will Aladdin marry the wrong girl? In "Fifi's Folly", Clocksworth (of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast") is smitten by Fifi, but can't find the words to tell her how he feels. Belle lends a helping hand only to have Fifi misinterpret the whole event. How will Clocksworth win Fifi back? As if that weren't enough, there is even a special party planning section, where parents can help put together a pajama party filled with games, arts and craft activities, and tasty snacks!

Special Features:

– The Perfect Princess Game: Ask questions of three mystery princes to help one of the princesses find her perfect match.
– Ariel's Treasure Game: Ariel has wrapped up a special present for someone. Who will wing this prize?
– Mulan's Fortune-Teller: Have your fortune read by none other than… Mushu! A different fortune is told each time you play.
– Pochahontas' Drawing Game: Pochahontas loves nature, and there are so many plants and animals in her world to draw. Can you guess what she's drawing?
– Belle's Mixed-Up Stories: The spell on Beast's castle has also enchanted the library books. Can you help Belle fix the story so it makes sense?
– Princess Pajama Jam: A follow the leader game that will have you up and dancing.
– Make Your Own Fortune-Teller: In this arts and craft project, Mushu teaches you how to make your own fortune teller.

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