Dollhouse: Season One – Blu-ray Edition

From the creative mind of Joss Whedon, the man behind "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel", Dollhouse tells the story of Echo (played by Eliza Dushku), who is an agent of the Dollhouse. The Dollhouse is an illegal underground organization that provides its rich clients with fully programmable humans. These human beings can be programmed to be whatever they want them to be: dominatrix, spies, burglars, or assassins. The only catch is that the FBI are hot on the trail of the underground and illegal organization. One rogue agent will go to any length to locate and bring down the Dollhouse.

Episode 1: Ghost: The Dollhouse is a place that provides programmable humans for a price.

Episode 2: The Target: Echo spends a day outdoors with a man named Richard. After white water rafting, rockclimbing and hunting with a bow they have passionate sex. Immediately after Richard tells her that he is giving her a 5 minute headstart and then he is coming after her – hunting her down.

Episode 3: Stage Fright: A female singer has a fan that is a little too overzealous so Echo is imprinted as one of her backup singers.

Episode 4: Gray Matter: In order to pull off an art heist Echo is imprinted as a top notch burglar.

Episode 5: True Believer: Echo has had ocular surgery that makes her blind and then she is sent to gain access to a radical religious cult.

Episode 6: Man on the Street: A TV reporter is prepared to expose the Dollhouse.

Episode 7: Echoes: An entire college campus is being affected by a memory drug and Echo, who abandons her latest assignment, is drawn in.

Episode 8: Needs: Echo, Sierra and Victor awaken and remember their former lives so they plot an escape.

Episode 9: A Spy in the House of Love: There is believed to be a spy in the Dollhouse. Echo offers to be imprinted as a spy who job it is to locate the spy.

Episode 10: Haunted: Margaret, Adele's friend, arranged before her death that she be scanned into a doll so she can solve her own murder.

Episode 11: Briar Rose: Using the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale, Echo helps a young girl get over a past trauma.

Episode 12: Omega: Alpha's obsession with Echo puts her in danger.

Episode 13: Epitaph One: It is now 2019 and the world has been broken. The few survivors discover the Dollhouse and figure out that it might have been responsible for the present state of the world.

Special Features: Original Unaired Pilot – "Echo", Deleted Scenes, Making Dollhouse, Coming Home, Finding Echo, Designing the Perfect Dollhouse, A Private Engagement

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