Dragontales: Our Amazing Pets

Max, Emmy and their Dragon Land friends go off on one adventure after another. They capture kids' attention and teach them important lessons like friends come in all shapes and sizes.

Episode 1: Wheezie's Hairball: Wheezie and Zach get a new boinger named Slurpie, but soon find out it is a lot of work to own a pet.

Episode 2: Frog Prints: Max is upset when he can't bring home his new best friend Hoppy, the unicroaker.

Episode 3: Bye, Bye Baby Birdie: A family of rhyming birds stop by Max, Emmy and the rest of the dinosaurs, but one baby bird gets left behind.

Episode 4: Goodbye Little Caterpoozle: Cassie has a pet caterpoozle named Poozie, who is very smart.

Episode 5: Green Thumbs: Max, Emmy and the dragons find a lost flower they name Lily.

Special Features: Bonus Music Video, Previews of Family Fun and Holly Hobbie

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