Dr. Dolittle: Million Dollar Mutts

Though this is definitely a film that is aimed at young people I still require a modicum of intelligence in films of this type. Yes, the animals are cute and sometimes even funny, but the story and (human) acting is terrible.

Maya Dolittle (Kyla Pratt – Hotel for Dogs, Fat Albert), a young girl who can talk to animals, is planning to go to college to study to be a vet. She gets a little waylaid by the fact that it will take years to become a vet and she wants to help animals now.

Maya gets what she thinks is the chance to do just that when Hollywood starlet Tiffany Monaco (Tegan Moss – Twelve Mile Road, Look Who's Talking Too) asks Maya to help her with her depressed Chihuahua. After seeing how good Maya is with animals Tiffany comes up with the idea of doing a reality show starring Maya and herself. They will help the animals of Hollywood stars on the show. Maya is won over by the thought of helping animals and being on a television show.

Once the show starts Maya gets all caught up in the Hollywood world and college becomes an afterthought. It's once again Maya's faithful dog Lucky to the rescue.

The young ones will enjoy the film (see the above mention of the cute animals) and it will distract them for roughly 90 minutes, but it will not be one of their favourites. For the rest of us the film will be mildly aggravating due to its numerous flaws. We will go in wanting to really like the film due to the animals, etc., but will find it almost impossible because the story is ridiculous and the acting is wooden.

Special Features:
-Tiffany's Tricked Out Cellphone
-No Business Like Show Business
-Star Tours: Dolittle Style

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